April 19, 2005

Danny Gregory's The Peanut, Ch. 2

The second installment of writer/illustrator Danny Gregory's fatherhood saga is up at The Morning News. I won't give away the ending, but here's a brief excerpt:

In mid-September, we light votive candles. We drink Dewarís. We play John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman (They Say Itís Wonderful, My One and Only Love, Dedicated to You, You Are Too Beautiful). Plan 9 is launched.

My job: to produce two milliliters of semen. Thatís less than half a teaspoon and at least 40 million sperm. Of these, at least 50 percent need to be moving vigorously, two percent must be moving forward and at least four percent should have a normal shapeóan elliptical head and a tail to provide the thrust they need. I think I can manage that. I must remember to rinse the teaspoon when Iím done.

Peanut: Plan 9 (September) [tmn]
Related: Buy Coltrane & Hartman's CD at Amazon for $14.99, although if you're still at this stage and you're already visiting Daddy Types, all I can say is, wow. And go out every night.

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