April 18, 2005

Rent My Son. Dot Com.


Name: Zach
Age: 9
Location: Miami, FL

Make Reservation/Get Quote

About Me: Zach enjoys playing in the park. He has gone on several afternoons with single men trying to attract women by looking like the "father type". He also has fun at birthday parties.
Specializes in: Father-Son Events, Playing in the Park

"'father type'"? Not to mention "Rent My Son"?? It is just creepy day around here today. I really don't know what else to say.

[next morning update: OK, I've been thinking about this; what happens if the guy actually meets a woman and starts dating her? Does he have to keep renting Zach to keep the story going? Or does he go, "Who?" and totally blow it when she asks what happened to his son?

Does he have to rent a lot of Zach props, too, to put around the house, to look like he sees the kid on weekends? Or are those included?]

Rentmyson.com, a ChildNet Services Corporation [via metafilter]

[6/8 update: a new petition --0 signatures so far, not even the guy who started it??--to get the rentmy sites taken down.]


Pale Fire. Heh.

Sweet mother of god.

Love the quote "I am really good at making unattractive and overweight girls feel comfortable" from the very rentable guitar playing Sean. How sweet! Sign my daughter up now!!


Nick Hornby got a lot of mileage (book and movie!) out of a twist on this theme with About a Boy....

I just don't imagine it all ends happily with everyone sharing a turkey curry.

That's hilarious if fake, really creepy if true and just a societal jab either way. Renting kids, and man there were some funny reasons too.

Haha, I just found this -- http://rentmydaughter.com

No. This is not a spoof; it's for real. Supposedly, cannibals are renting them, but are being billed late fees for years because they are not returned.

This is a hoax. I tried renting myself out on it and it doesn't work. Stop protesting.

[I bet you'd have more luck on craigslist, Erik. -ed.]

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