April 16, 2005

You're not ugly, Honey. You just have a bad haircut and dirty clothes.

You probably already know by now that parents pay less attention to their uglier children.

That's the latest finding of grocery cart safety expert [sic] Dr Andrew Harrell, Director of the University of Alberta's Long, Dark Winters With Nothing Else To Do Department.

"The researchers were instructed to ignore bad haircuts and dirty clothes and look for symmetry of the face."

Here's Macleans getting all worked up about the beauty problem. [macleans.ca]
Here's the U of A's press release and excited followup ("Are unattractive kids loved less?") [ualberta.ca]


Always nice to see the alma mater in the news... although I take exception with your "Dark Winters With Nothing Else To Do" bit... there is actually ONE other thing to do at the good ol' U of A; there are numerous bars right on campus, allowing both staff and students to drink the winter away! (you would think the legal drinking age of 18 in Alberta would be enough to make this the most popular university in North America...)

One must wonder why the researchers rated the attractiveness of the babies instead of the parents. Ignore this research. Nothing to see here. Move along.

The saddest thing to me was that even in the 'attractive' group, only 13% of the kids were buckled into the seat?? Hello parents? Anyone home?

yeah, i agree with amy!

the margin between buckling in ugly kids and beautiful kids should be MUCH wider! 12% isn't enough! keep the ugly down at 1.2%, but let's get a concerted effort to buckle beautiful kids in... 30%? 40%?

get the word out, ASAP. ha!

I think you people are being a little judgmental about these seat belts...

i just carry my beautiful child those things are dirrrrrrrrty

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