April 14, 2005

Betting On Fetus Spears

The English bookmakers William Hill are taking bets on the name of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's baby. Here are some of the current odds. Because it's largely the British press they're playing to, they've started with names of the Royal Family. And Trailer, the first bet they took, which presumably would've been funnier if they'd included the middle name.

20/1 William, Harry, Zara, Grace
25/1 James, Richard, Elizabeth
33/1 Charles, Kevin Jr., Anne
40/1 Arthur, Alice
50/1 Edward
66/1 Andrew, Victoria
100/1 Edmund, Louis
150/1 Archie, Justin, Poppy
250/1 Trailer, Chavney

Will Britney Go For Royal Name? [williamhillmedia.com, via ananova]

[update: Gawker points to a Star Magazine poll with tabloid joke names like Kiwi, Kevinella, and Esther. Britney's pregnant, but I'm the one who's already sick of the media's pathetically self-serving coverage of this fetus.

I think I might have to declare Daddy Types a Britney-free zone. Or maybe should I take a poll?]

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Over at pamie.com/forum there is a thread to "name Brittany's baby." Someone speculated that if it is a girl, Brittany has said it would be Aurora. Someone else suggested trailer park names (did Freakonomics go into those?). My personal favorite has been Splenda. She and Apple could be great friends!

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