April 13, 2005

Congratulations, You Can Breastfeed!

Well, not you. Babytalk won a National Magazine Award for service journalism for their lengthy August 2004 article, "You Can Breastfeed!" by Kristin OíCallaghan.

With a title like that, you wouldn't expect too much advice directed to dads, and you won't find it. In eight pages, there's the obligatory "empty the dishwasher, pick up around the house," and only one mention of daddy possibly doing anything like burping or changing diapers. There IS, however, an extended passage on dealing with resentment when hubby goes out with barely an "'I'll be back whenever.'"

That said, it's still worth reading. At the very least, it's an eight page article about breasts.

You Can Breastfeed! [babytalk]
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Wow for Parenting magazine that's an amazingly good article on breastfeeding. Very realistic about what happens and how to cope.

It would be nice to see better articles about how husbands or partners can help with breastfeeding since I read a statistic that the reason 80% of people who quit breastfeeding quit is b/c of lack of support from significant others.

My husband started support early while reading "The Expectant Father". I went through at least a month of him excited by all the amazing things breastfeeding can do. And then for the month after our daughter came it was really him who kept me going to keep at it when I had to pump and bottlefeed b/c she was too small to stay latched on. It is way more than just changing diapers and washing dishes that's required.

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