April 8, 2005

Tricked Out Highchair Roundup

Call it the Tripp Trapp Effect. To me, a lot of European high chairs look like reactions, responses to, or riffs on Stokke's classic (30+year old) design. They're all wood, with a low base, and have adjustable height seat/footrests.

Generations of happy, well-fed Euros might not be wrong, but they might be a bit boring. If you're not totally sold on the original--which is called the Kinderzeat in the US--check out these variations.

[l, above] Amalie, from Troels Grum-Schwensen, a Copenhagen architecture firm. No word on where it's sold, though. Those Danes may make the good furniture, but their distribution networks leave a lot to be desired.

[r, above] Futura, from Kettler, a German manufacturer. The Futura looks like a utilitarian cross between a traditional high chair and a Tripp Trapp. It's only $115 at maukilo.com, a US site for European toys.

[l, above] The Svan, by Scandinavian Child, is a high-profile favorite. Of some people. Its baroque, busy design is fully adjustable, but honestly, there's too much going on here for me. If you're really into it, though, Sparkability has it for $219.

[r, above] The K¸ster high chair, meanwhile, takes the style cake. This is one of the fugliest things I've seen. Is that "f" for funky? Sure, if you need it to be, fine. K¸ster's chair comes in natural beech or colored laminate, and unlike the others on the page, it folds up for easy storage (which is crucial. Into the closet with you, K¸ster.) In one sense, it looks like no other high chair around, but yet it also looks like it was Frankensteined together from two innocent traditional chairs. Anyway, if $70 or so for shipping isn't enough of a deterrent, you can order one from the UK, for £125.00 for the beech, or £140.00 for the slate laminate with some fugly turquoise cushions. [via babychic101]

Previously: Babylon High Chair, Nest High Chair for your shagpad, and there's always the original Stokke Kinderzeat


And the Stokke is still better one :D

My in-laws are buying one for our son.

I like the Stokke and the Svan, but I've read that the latter can be used as early as six months while the former is only good from 12 mos. on [unless you live in Europe where they sell an infant conversion kit]. If that's true, Svan has the edge--at least for a new parent-to-be like me. Ah, who am I kidding--I just think the Svan looks cooler :)

Another source for this kind of stuff is http://mothercare.com/ (I don't name them).

We like the STOKKE KinderZeat, and it fit's into our minimalist_baby's restrictive visual palette, but we found an even better solution.

The classic restaurant high chair, ubiquitous to the point of being invisible, is available from dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of outlets (froogle "restaurant high chair"). Attributes: simple, clean modern design, quality renewable materials (wood), small (compared to most alternatives), and best of all, our kid is totally comfortable anywhere we go eat. And, it is really, really cheap (from $30 - $60, depending on brand). We need two (city, coutry), and still saved $120 over one Stokke. It's also simple -- less 'tricky' than the other options, which we like.

We got ours at amazon:

it's on the cheaper end ($39.99) but other brands look a bit better. We don't love the bevelled corners on the back or the turned 'spindle' style front rail. Here's a better-looking one for $60

For all the NY listeners, you can actually see the Svan, in person, at BuyBuyBaby. They'll also sell it to you...if you ask real nice.

However, it is interesting that the Stokke sold in the US starts for 18+ months when in Europe there are compartments sold with the chair that cater to 6+ months. Probably another of those anal American "safety" procautions...

Next thing you know the come up with baby helmets here in this country... I am sure they will be a big hit.

I like these high chairs, have you guys seen the arlington--uhh I think thats how you spell it [argington, actually. linked above. -ed.]...highchair...they are pretty nice...sort of resembles the ones above. I just saw it on a site zac and zoe and I'm thinking of getting it.. truth is though I got the restaurant style chair for my first son and it fit nice and wide which I like...I dont know..my wife wants something fancier this time around...

by the way, I bought the svan chair and honestly hated it! To me, it didnt feel so sturdy that and I cant remember exactly the reason...but I remember saying oh no, lets return this!

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