April 6, 2005

Limited Edition Mountain Buggy: Umm, can I see you over here for a minute?

mountain_buggy_limited_edition.jpgNot quite sure what to make of this, except maybe a caftan for your sixth step-grandmother in Talahassee.

The otherwise solid and utilitarian Mountain Buggy flagship stroller, the Urban Single, is apparently available in a limited edition called, hold on for it, Flower Power. Covered entirely with hot pink and pink/orange Hawaiian floral print fabric, it's a sober, boy-next-door stroller in a drunken, fraternity initiation stunt-level drag outfit.

I can't find any official information or even a mention of it, except on the British site Buggyland.co.uk, where it sells for a stiff 495.00. Maybe it makes more sense in the UK, kind of like Benny Hill.

Mountain Buggy Limited Edition Flower Power Urban Single Buggy


As a British reader could I point out that Benny Hill has long since been recognised as a blot on our, generally healthy, comedy history. Something puerile which we needed to get out of our systems and is now best left alone. And not mentioned again. By anyone. Please.

Are you daft mate? I love the old blighter...and pee myself with laughter (hey, I've noticed something, I mention peee alot, maybe thats where my boys get it...) everytime I see it.

And, I think that buggy padding looks like your kid puked up a litre of Hawai-n punch.

If anyone is interested, the Bugaboo Denim is now available on EBAY at a steal buy-it-now of 700$. I'd love to buy it but I just bought one from the same seller. Act Now!


I saw this at the Juvenile Product Manufacturers' Association tradeshow last week and it was actually gorgeous in real life -- a total show stopper for parents of girls. My (male) boss and I both had instant stroller lust. I hope they do end up making them - it's a nice departure from the solid colors.

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