April 5, 2005

What is 36 Hours, Alek?

The amount of time it takes for black beans to work their way through a one-year old's digestive system.

[An update from mommy type: "Are you sure those aren't raisins from last night?" No, I didn't take that close a look, but thanks for putting your response in the form of a question.]


Ah, lovely.

Mommy may have a point, though I've always found raisins to emerge more kidney bean-like than black bean-like.

Raisins have been outlawed in my home till my little guy learns to chew them.

Lee, raisins seem to somehow be like that magic trick in which the magician rips up the dollar bill and then it turns up whole again.

Um, after checking with the judges, the correct answer is raisins and 15 hours, not black beans and 36.

I lose $200, and my daughter loses all self-respect when this enters her Google results someday.

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