April 5, 2005

Oobi Drive Nail In Daddy's Brain


Did I mishear the opening song, or were we actually about to watch a show with characters named Kegel and Boobie on Noggin on a Sunday morning?

No, no, no, it's Oobi, and the website says his best friend is named Kako (kay-koh).

In any case, I have succeeded in finding a show more annoying to me--yet more hypnotic for the kid--than The Wiggles.

Oobi hand. Oobi talk to the hand, no problem. Oobi main problem, Oobi not conjugate verbs. Not use compound verbs. Oobi four years old? Oobi not watch TV? Oobi not pick this stuff up yet?

One thing, Oobi leave lots of merchandising opportunities on table. Two googly eyes from craft store, daddy clone Oobi any time daddy want.

Oobi [11:30 AM everyday, on Noggin]


Yes, Oobi talk like Mr. Miyagi.
Wax on, wax off.

My husband finds this show so thoroughly disturbing that he insists I never, ever allow our son to be exposed to it. Luckily, said son is wholly indifferent to the syntactically challenged hands with the googly eyes.

The theme song is pernicious once it gets in your head, though.

I love the concept--hand puppets that can easily be replicated any time--but the grammar problems are just so annoying. Worse even than Baby Bear on Sesame Street. Bleh.

I read that entire post imagining Oobi's voice and it makes it even that much more hilarious. Good stuff, Greg.

The best thing about Noggin is no commercials.

Um, you DO realize that a 1 year old can't turn on the TV and find this show by himself or herself, correct? If it's so annoying, why watch it?

Oh, we leave the tv over her crib on 24/7, but usually with the sound off. Except on weekends.

hah, I kid. There was some musical interlude that had hypnotized the kid long enough for us to cut her fingernails. Then like I said, I had to see if there really was a show about Kegel and Boobie, then, the episode turned out to be about going to the doctor, where the kid had just had a traumatic meltdown. And finally, I figured it'd be good fodder for the site.

Net net: I was watching it for you.

I just love to laugh, and I often find myself doing that at this sight.

Or should that be SITE.

uma like this site, still have sight, no can speak normal now.

baby bear on sesame street, once my son said to me that he really wanted to punch that character, I almost peed myself.

Clearly, violent children abound in my house.

Grampoo freaky.
Daddy scared Grampoo.
Mommy help daddy?
Mommy help daddy.
Mommy, Daddy, Zoë outside.
Bad Oobi! Melt Brain!

Oh man I hate this stupid show. I forbid my children from watching it. The grammar alone is enough to drive me insane. The Tarzan/Jane talk creepy.

My daughter warmed up to it briefly, but we've since moved on. She's an official Spongebob fan now...

That least it isn't Dora. If that show wasn't so perfectly timed to allow me a morning shower, it would be banished as far as Barney is around here.
Fortunately, Oobi is not so well times, and is therefore never shown.

I love this show... lol. I think it's absolutely adorable. :)

I think OOBIE, his friends and family are amazing. It's hard to believe that it took this long to produce a show including hands with plasic eyes, and sometimes they even wear hats. The morals demonstrated on this show are actually very educating to a child. My son watched it for the first time when he was sitting in his ocker chair and he did his first smile. Whether he got a kick out of it, or he was just smiling for the first time I don't know. Anyways, everybody have a good OOBIE day!..

My niece loves this show. I'm 18 and I babysit her for 12 hours a day. Noggin stays on in the background for most of the time. It's a great channel, if you ask me.

Now, the show itself is really annoying. I know your pain. I'm well surprised you didn't mention "Grandpoo" though.

I do wish they'd speak properly. Especially with the influence shows have on children.

I don't know you, either. I hope you don't mind me commenting. I was looking up the lyrics for the theme song and this came up.

OMG. why can no speak good english on t.v.? I think children can learn a lot more when they are spoken to properly.

hey my daughter is looking for them oobi eyes do you know where i can get em thanx sherry

Man, this show sucks. Yet, I find it intriguing. Just a moment ago, I found myself humming the theme tune.

The grammar is shocking, it just makes me want to.. rip of.. the weird little Oobi hand's eyes. Gah, imagine the meeting for this one.

'Hey! I've got a great idea! Let's out googly eyes on hands, and make them speak!'

Wow, I've talked to much.

There are many copycats out there, for Oobi eyes, but if you want the original Oobi eyes that are called "Peepers" they can be found on our website and we have the patent number to prove it. www.peeperpuppets.com

[that'd be peeperspuppets.com, as a commenter below proved. -ed.]

I would say that Oobie would be the most interesting TV show that my toddler watches. It actually has a story and the costumes are a riot. I could not stop laughing at Kakos dad with the dreds. I cannot stomach Barney, Boobah, Dora and Telitubbies because of the repetitiveness. I find those shows painfully annoying. I guess most parents dont actually watch the TV shows every day with their children because I cant imagine that any sane adult wouldnt run from the room as soon as they hear Barneys voice or the theme music to telitubbies and Boobah. I think that only using nouns, verbs and adjectives has its advantages. My 1 1/2 year old is able to repeat what they say and actually talks to the TV. She doesnt do that with Sesame Street.

Me find this site while looking for Oobi eyes, me find eyes in comments above, me like this site, you friends :)

FYI Eyes link above is broken, correct link for buying Oobi eyes is peeperspuppet.com.

[thanks for the catch -ed.]

Ok. We initially HATED Oobi. I thought it was the stupidest show ever -- even wondered how it got produced and promoted on Noggin (except maybe as a time filler). Then one day I actually hung around the room long enough to catch some of it, and I gotta tell ya -- it's a well put together show. Intelligent, funny, just enough adult humor to make me chuckle in spite of myself and my usually morose nay-saying nature. As for the speech pattern of the puppets, I initially shunned it as well, but frankly it has proven itself to be quite good for those just learning to speak. It cuts out all the "filler" words and just sticks to the necessities -- nouns, verbs, adjectives. Little kids GET that. As many others have posted here, this is the only show that my daughter sits still for, mimics, and talks along with. Sesame Street is great, but she doesn't participate as much with it as she does with Oobi. Well done, Oobi Uma and Grandpu.

I am a speech pathologist. For parents that complain about the shows on Noggin being so repetitive, DO REALIZE that this repetition is the very thing that allows children to LEARN language. The daily repetition and slower pacing is terrific for language acquisition. In addition, even Oobi is excellent at shortening phrases for those babies and toddlers with emergent speech and language. The age-old instruction that we speech-pathologists tell parents is to use parallel talk to where their children are in development. Therefore, if your child is at the one or two-word level, you can help them with language comprehension and further speech acquisition by speaking to them in shorter phrases. For instance, if your child says "ball", say something like "push ball". Sometimes parents think that saying "Let's push the red ball" is the BEST way to model speech. It's not that this is WRONG, but it's easier for children to catch on to language by just expanding on one-word expressions by adding only ONE more word. Think if you were trying to learn a new Spanish. If you said, "casa", you would learn much more quickly if someone said "casa grande", rather than if they said, "Mira, este es mi casa grande." So, even shows like Oobi can help, because it uses basic vocabulary (noun, verb-noun combinations), without a lot of fillers, which helps language development in the beginning. Hope this helps everyone feel better about watching Noggin with their children.

I think Oobi is so neat! The show has taught my kids how to speak using "simple talk". I just love it... I also found a great web site where I can get my own Oobi, Uma, Kako and Grampu eyes: here it is:


Oobi... you... friends...

Ok so I was surprised that some moms and dads didnt like its ubonic humor and silly costumes and really cool set! My husband and I love to watch with our daughter. She belly laughs at obvious funny parts and sings with the theme song. She has watched since 4mos and is now 14mos. A side note: The bible uses phrasing and figures of speech it this same way. Orientalism of the bible they spoke this way. Dont be worried that your child will learn to talk this way forever. If you notice they start out this way and grasp more. That why I think its so attractive to kids-and some parents lol!

my husband and I have begun talking to eachother like oobi its hilarious have you seen the episode where they go on a boat and airplane, Grampoo says in his best pilot voice"always fly Grampoo" we had to rewind and busted up laughing

this show can't be that good,since NickJr.pushed it up to 1:00 in the morning,so children probably won't be watching.it's not repeated throught out the day like other shows on Nick Jr. How old is Oobi anyway,i read somewhere that he's four,I have a four year old niece and she talks better than that,why does Grampu talk like a baby too,that makes no sense. I don't think parents should let their kids watch this show,

This show is the Jar Jar Binks of Nick Jr.

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