April 4, 2005

Architect Builds Tripped Out Dreamhome, Then Has Twins

nymag_twin_pit.gifAdam Kushner and his wife spent four years renovating--and living in--their West Village duplex, including six months without a roof. It has a glass-bottom tub (right over the kitchen, in case you ever wondered what a copy machine's bad dream would be like), a flying steel plate staircase, and an in-floor jacuzzi.

Finally it was done, then his wife had twins. And here I thought it'd be the next owners who'd have to gut renovate.

The New Eccentrics: Watch the Closing Door [nymag, via curbed]


there is a pit right in the middle of the apartmentîói.e., the Jacuzzi. ìWho needs a crib? We could line it with heavy, cushiony blankets.î

Somehow, when they talk about you not wanting to bend down to put the babies in the crib, they weren't talking about a hole in the floor. talk about a bad back!

Um. Did yall click through to that virtual tour? That woman must love that man, living through that, not to mention sitting her pregnant(with twins) *ss down on a cold marble slab to pee what must have been every half hour (if memory serves). The glass bottomed tub/shower is one thing but a marble slab toilet? Dude, dealbreaker.

Just wait till the twins start eating those finishes off the walls. How do you put a baby gate on the stairs to keep the kids from diving into the bathtub? I don't even want to imagine the trauma of potty training on a cold slab of marble.

We had a groovy loft once, had one child then twins. We moved.

How great is that bath going to look with medical-blue-whale-shaped-non-slip stickers on the bottom?!

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