April 4, 2005

Advice: What Do The Following Animals Say?

Because it's getting to be a problem.

From Do You Want To Be My Friend?:

  • Hippo
  • Giraffe
  • Fox*
  • Peacock

    From literally everywhere else:

  • Elephant
  • those damn Bunnies

    I'm actually cool if the fox doesn't say anything on principle.


    Not sure about the first three although foxes yelp quite a bit. Peacocks make a very loud annoying keee-or sound and can therefore be kept as visually stimulating house alarms for those people stupid enough to want to get up at dawn EVERY morning

    My daughter has a mirror with an elephant, monkey, tiger, lion, snake and giraffe. When we say, "good morning" to them, and they say "talk" back (e.g. "ee-ee", "roar", "ssss", etc), the giraffe says, in a slightly nerdy voice, "I'm a giraffe"

    I think this is slightly stolen from Wayne's World where they are in front of all the post cards, and for Delaware, they say, "Now we're in... delaware"

    Experienced mother of several (frikkin) inquiring minds-of-future-large-animal-vets-or-zoologists:

    Hippos snort (or at least mine do, sort of like the snoring noises JJ Daddy makes when he's sleeping on his back), giraffes make spitting noises, foxes bark (not woof, but a sharp "rep" does the job), and peacocks make a screeching yet haunting hee heeee noise (watch Sally Porter's Orlando to get the idea). [whoa, nice movie reference. -greg]

    Elephants make a fartey noise made by compressing your lips and forcibly blowing out (think Dizzy Gillespie without the trumpet) while at the same time swinging your entire arm around randomly by dislocating your shoulder to your nose, and bunnies simply go hop hop or hmmm hmmm hmmm (a sweet little sound made sort of like humming).

    Or, you could simply make up stories that involve blissfully silent animals -- Sally the Slug, Benny the Besenji or Poppy the Protoplasm.

    We do sniff sniff for bunny or I just do a cute voice and "bunny". "Boing" is for the kangaroo. Which I really probably should use for bunnies since they're more prevalent. I do a version of barking for the fox. My husband does a great elephant that Sophia now imitates fairly well so I don't need to make a noise anymore. Giraffes make no noise. I just say, "it's a giraffe." Spitting is reserved for camels. My bigger problem is convincing her that sheep don't "moo". I"m not sure when she decided that they do. It does make reading "sheep in a jeep" a little more interesting.

    Eric Carle's "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear?" actually describes the sounds of lots of non-Old MacDonald-esque animals. Hippos "snort," elephants "trumpet," peacocks "yelp," - It even mentions that flamingos "flute" (now if I could just figure out how to flute I'll be all set). No mention of the Giraffe, but I'm backing the nerdy, "I'm a Giraffe."


    Just to clarify, the nerdy giraffe sounds a lot like Hermy, the elf who wanted to be a dentist.

    But that's how the silly billy pig brother in Pig in a Puddle sounds. *sigh*

    I also forgot about the peacock, really in our house all birds except for ducks and chicks say caw-caw b/c my daughter loves echoing the sound. Later we'll get her the audobon identify birds by sounds cd.

    You need to get the Little Touch LeapPad Learning system from LeapFrog. There is a "learn the alphabet with animal sounds" insert and every letter has a picture of an animal and when pressed it makes that animal's sound (though the U-nicorn and the H-orse are a bit similar.) As for X? The toughest? A fish getting an "X-ray" (Zzzt -- zzzt--)

    It actually depends which country you are from !!

    Having said that, here is the written version


    and here is the audio version


    I suggest watching the Laurie Berkner video for "Pig on Her Head" that they show on Noggin. In the middle of the song she does an elephant impression that I learned and my daughter loves. It is sort of puffing up your cheeks full of air like you are going to blow a trumpet, then lefting the air out through pursed lips. Add in an arm movement to simulate the trunk and you got yourself a nice party trick. Nola asks me to do it in airports, restaurants, subways, and other random pulic places and since I conveniently lost all ability to be embarrassed about five minutes after she was born, I oblige her and ignore the stares.

    Bzzzpeek.com, what the cow says in Swedish. Of course, the cow's not the problem.

    I have a friend who has taught her 1.5 year old that foxes pant. I have no clue why, but I would guess that when chased (by dogs or Brits) a fox would pant, so it is probably somewhat accurate. It is also very funny to watch the kid stick his tongue out and pant whenever foxes come up.

    So I am in favor of foxes panting, after all, why have kids if you don't teach them things to make you laugh?

    Bunnies make little chewing noises "ts ts ts" -- pull back your top lip so your top teeth show (and your cheeks come up closer to your eyes)and tap your tongue on the back of your top teeth repeatedly.

    Giraffes say "stretch" (courtesy of Ms. Linda, the bestest Kindermusic teacher)
    Elephants make a trumpet noise with accompanying arm raise
    Bunnies wiggle nose and chew quickly
    Ha..wait until the dinos get involved.
    Daddy, what does a dinosaur sound like?

    Years ago, my son recieved a book that had audio, in it, the fox said, in a british accent, "Would you like to stay for tea?"

    THe peacock said, in a Baaston accent, "Look at me"

    And when I asked my son about what a hippo said, he made a very loud farting noise and reminded me about our trip to the Toronto Zoo last year, where a very happy, large hippo farted excrement all over a screaming group of tourists! My sons were ecstatic with GLEEE. Its the highlight of their lives so far I think.....and of course, poo related.

    for about 2 years now my family has had an odd visitor around spring and summer. We think it is a fox but are unable to recognize the screaming noise that it makes. we figure it is almost a year old but it has made the same noise everytime we have heard it. is this creature really a fox or something else?

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