March 31, 2005

Parent Companies, The NYT Is Onto You

The New York Times reports on how the baby market's best design and innovation is coming from parent companies.

There are a few brands--Oeuf and Argington, for example--that have been on DT already. One surprise (to me, anyway): Baby Gear Ed is actually run by a mom.

What, you think a guy with a site name like mine can't laugh at a few misinterpreted URL jokes? I kid because I love.

Is 2 Too Old to Be a V.P. for Design? [NYT, w/slideshow]


Just when I think I've spent enough money online. YOU always find a place that has something that I have to have to have.

However, I won't hate you for it.

I kind of like the skip hop bag. I figure if I'm going the be carrying something around all the time, it's gotta be cool.

One question: how necessary is it to have all those specialized baby-gear pockets. I have a regular (also very cool) shoulder bag that could even fit an entire baby in it, much less all the gear needed. so, is that good enough?

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