March 30, 2005

Baby Mammoth, Anyone?

baby_mammoth.jpgThere's a Japanese magazine for kids that supposedly rocks--hard--called Mammoth. It was started by Lucas Badtke-Berkow, the founder of Tokion. While it definitely targets (hip Japanese) moms, it sounds more substantial than just a Wallpaper*-y design mag.

I mention it because they just launched Baby Mammoth, "a lifestyle magazine for new and expecting papas and mamas." At least that's who they said it was for last fall. By the time it hit stands last month, it was narrowed just to "mothers," even though it looks like there's a dad on the cover.

If you've seen it, let me know. Their websites are pretty content-free.

Baby Mammoth launch set!
[, published by knee high media, via robo_labo]


If only I read Japanese...

That's funny, there's an electronic band -- a quite good in fact -- called Baby Mammoth. Obviously no connection.

those wacky japanese.

I checked Kinokunia, and they don't carry either Mammoth or Baby Mammoth. I assume you know about the French magazine Milk, which is the god of all baby/kid magazines. I don't recall ever seeing it mentioned on your site, but I may have missed it.

Actually, I've found both Mammoth and Baby Mammoth in Kinokuniya... and the site is now full of content (in Japanese).

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