March 29, 2005

Gawker Stalks B. D. (aka Big Daddy) Wong

From Gawker:

I saw B.D. Wong on Seventh Ave. this morning holding hands with a toddler. If I recall, he and his partner adopted a child, named him Foo, then B.D. wrote a book about two men raising a baby, then B.D. left his partner and took Foo with him. So I assume the toddler was Foo, but there was another man holding Fooís other hand. Perhaps Fooís new second daddy?
Or not. Wong and his ex-partner are apparently raising Foo together, even though they've split up.

The book, by the way, is called Following Foo, the electronic adventures of the Chestnut Man, and it's based on a series of harrowing email updates to friends and family from the NICU after Foo and his twin brother were born to the surrogate (Wong's ex-sister-in-law) three months early. The other baby only survived a few minutes.

Previously: Eric Snowdeal blogs about his Extreemie son Odin [watch for Eric's guest spot on Law & Order next season]

By the way, naming trivia: The B. D. stands for Bradley Daryll. Apparently, the BD thing comes from his father, Bill D. With brothers named Brian and Barry, Christmas dinner at the Wongs must be like watching Buck Rogers. [Think about it: "BD, BD, BD, BD." Yes, I'm a huge dork.]

Anyway, the other twin's name was Boaz Dov. Foo's full name? Jackson Foo. But since there are even more Jacksons than Brads these days...

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