March 26, 2005

Celebrity Baby Eats Pop Tarts

poptarts_brown_sugar.jpgIt's been several months since I read Dooce's confession that she and Jon were bad parents, i.e., that they sometimes fed their daughter Leta Pop Tarts. ["but just the edges."]

Personally, I avoid the crisis that Jon got embroiled in--when Dooce spied some strawberry Pop Tart filling on Leta's face from across the room--by only feeding the kid Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts, which has tan filling that can only be detected at close range.

And anyway, I only feed her the edges.

This website is surprisingly not sponsored by Pop Tarts [, and neither's this one. yet.]
Whoa, Amazon sells a 12-pk of Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts for $3.29, from Gristede's. Who knew?


I see your pop-tarts and raise you Burger King french fries.

But they have an indoor playland and it was rainy and cold out... really... that's the only reason I took them there for lunch... really!!!

ugh. french fries are one of the kid's favorite foods. "But we brush [almost] all the salt off!"

Careful with those fries. A friend of mine swore, ěno McDonalds.î Finally when his son was about 2, they took him. He sat in the high chair and scarffed fries. Unfortunately, his little toddler belly couldnít process the grease, and he exploded from the ass end still strapped in the chair. Poor Dwight did what he could with those pathetic napkins, and a couple of trips to the loo, but finally he went up to the front, asked for a garbage bag, and put the kid in it up to his armpits. He carried him out like a football, stopping at the front to say, ěIím really, REALLY, sorry.î They fled and never went back.

My favorite! Difficult to find, so the link is especially appreciated...

Any new pictures? I'm feeling left out.. .

Hope you and Jean are well!

Bill & Laura

All Hail Staple Foods From The Gods: Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts (clearly the finest of the tarts), Froot Loops, McDonald's Fries and Butterscotch Jello Pudding.

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