March 25, 2005

It's Funny Because It's True


From the Wall Street Journal, which everyone should subscribe to, and whose archives you should buy many articles from, via DT reader and dad-to-be Eric.


What kind of parents would place their Precious in a cheap plastic umbrella stroller? Running over cobblestone without shock absorbers? And their hats, gloves, long sleeves, etc. clearly depict frigid conditions. Those wheels don't even have tread. What if they hit a patch of black ice? Without a five-point harness, that kid will go flying.

SHAME, shame, shame on the Wall Street Journal for publishing such a sadistic vision.

Well, what does WSJ care about such things as harnesses and tread? They're the mouthpiece of the neocons claptrap so they're just happy if the parents slip, trip and stumble so their friends in the insurance business can charge them massive premiums for their health insurance which will barely cover their injuries and top out and ...

Seriously, do not subscribe to wsj, they are not worth it. Neither is nytimes but at least they don't upset me personally as much so...

With hopes they all have shock absorbing strollers...

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