March 18, 2005

Plot To Kidnap Letterman's Kid, Nanny, Foiled

Kelly A. Frank, a 43-year old painter in Montana was arrested for plotting to kidnap David Letterman's son and the kid's nanny. Apparently, Frank kept a key to Letterman's ranch after doing some work for him, and he planned to return to the house and kidnap 1.5 year old Harry and ransom him for $5 million. He was also going to kidnap the nanny "so that she could take care of the child."

See, that's the difference between a Baby Boomer kidnapper and a Gen X or Gen Y one; a younger criminal would have been able to take care of the child himself.

Man in Montana arrested in Letterman plot [AP, via SJM]

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What the hell is it with the wackos and Letterman? I look at him and see a neurotic but basically nice guy who probably just wants to do his cool job and then be left mostly alone.

They look at him and see "kaCHING" (or think "oh, my husband").

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