March 18, 2005

Jermaking That Up!

In case you haven't already figured it out, I don't read the Washington Post all that often. So apologies for posting this old [Nov. 2004], kind of predictable article on Those Wacky Celebrity Baby Names which I turned up while spellchecking Rumer.

I would've ignored it, but then I spotted the survey asking for "the worst name given to a baby by a celebrity." So far, Shannon Sossamon (aka, the chick from Rules of Attraction and that insane Heath Ledger jousting movie)'s son Audio Science is in the lead, followed by Jermaine Jackson's daughter, Jermajesty.

I don't know, Audio Science is kinda cool.

And What Name Will Phinnaeus Have for Mommy? [wash post]


Then there's Pilot Inspektor! Jason Lee's kid.

Excuse me, but that's Shannyn with a Y Sossamon, so at least she comes by her bad baby naming talents honestly- she inherited them from her parents.

Hahaha, I can hear the conversation now:

"Mommy, why did you give me a name I'll be forced to spell for people the rest of my life?"

"Because it's cool and unique just like you."



"I hate you."

Oops, I take that back, it seems according to, that her parents named her Shannon Marie Kahoolani Sossamon, so maybe her bad baby naming skills are entirely self-taught!
Three cheers for the autodidact! (and I hear that will be her next child's name)

heh. we have some friends (or had, if they read this post) who named their kid Elyza, and I go, so her middle name is "with a 'y'".

Friend's acquaintance named her son (did I mention he's a boy?) Evyn.

Shannon Saucymom's kids name is Audio something.
Another frickin' freaky name. POOR LITTLE BASTARDS.........

Can you just hear it? "Oh no, here come those kids....Aud and Pil!" Damn....

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