March 18, 2005

Gawker Throws Baby Naming Shower For Ashton & Demi

Now that is sweet. On just the rumer that Ashton Kutcher might be needing a "daddy type" trucker hat, Gawker has generously offered to help the punk'd star and his lovely consort Demi scout out names for the l'il, uh--forget it. There's no way to work Tallulah into my post.

Anyway, the invite said to bring names that were "appropriate for a celebrity seedling and respectful of Kabbalahís mystic nuances." While a few people seem to have Kabbalah and veganism confused [Tofutti? Besides, I think it's trademarked.], the results are definitely a source of esoteric enlightenment.

And until the Kutcher/Moore's actually choose one, they're all up for grabs!

Celebrity Baby Time: Naming Baby Dashti

Related: The experts at Celebrity Baby Blog are skeptical of the whole pregnancy thing. Apparently, The Star has been known to get it wrong a few times? Who knew?]

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