March 17, 2005

Blow Me To Smithereens Elmo

elmo_unabomber.jpgApparently, when they're x-rayed in the box, the configuration of belly battery pack and arms-and-legs sensors makes Tickle Me Elmo look just like a bomb.

At least that's the story from a friend of the x-ray guy in the mailroom at a major movie studio whose account got posted on some blog. And really, what more proof do you need?

Terrorize Me Elmo [boingboing]
Buy Hokey Pokey Elmo--he does the Tickle Me thing, too, don't worry--for $24.99 [amazon]


Personally I prefer the Shoot Me Up Elmo variety...

thats the way just give the terrorist bastards ideas thats constructive

[yeah, because it's those parenting blog-reading terrorists that are the big problem these days. We all just need to watch what we say. -ed.]

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