March 15, 2005

NoZone UV-Blocking Sun Suit

Now that the locals are all mad at me for giving a plug to infant surfwear from The Valley, I might as well mention this one from Canada, too. [You can try pointing out that it's certified in Australia, but it probably won't help; those Huntington Beach types are pretty territorial.]

The NoZone Sun Suit blocks 98% of UV rays, dries fast, and is clorine-resistant. No mention of ammonia, though, so you'll still want a swim diaper under there.

One problem: the price, $34 Canadian, equates to approximately $1 million at current exchange rates.

NoZone Sun Suit, $CAN 34.00 at Mountain Equipment Co-op [, get it? thanks, DT reader Cameron]


not only will the exchange get you but it is a coop, so you have to spend $5CDN joining, but I bet they give you free shipping.

I LOVE MEC. But COOP and MEC are dichotomous terms these days.

I drove down to Target on the weekend, and for the first time in what...a decade, I actually SAVED money with the exchange.

Ahhh, MEC. How are vancouverites supposed to get fashionable hiking accessories for their infants without it?
Besides, where else can you get kids climing gear?

I know....what about the extreme white water gear for kids.

Hey Greg, you're infested with *gulp* Canadians! :p (not that there's anything /wrong/ with that)
Must be the lack of hockey this year... I'll expect more gloating single-payer health insurance and paid parental leave posts soon.
Hey guys, don't tell me the national health doesn't pay for sunburn preventing clothes?
And Cameron, aren't you required to blog in french?

JJ, you really don't want to read my French. My spoken and read is fine but my written? OMG AWFUL.

The lack of hockey is driving me bonkers. Some of the sports channels here have taken to playing historically important games from up to 20 years ago. I would gladly pay good money for 10 minutes in a room with Bettman.

Cameron - you get TSN? what have they been doing in place of hockey?

Kaz, more curling than you can fricking imagine. Oh and extreme sports. Also, THANK THE GODS, more soccer coverage.

Kaz, also I forgot, the other day I was treated to skidoo racing on water on RDS. That was good times.

I was curious about TSN because we did some work for them last fall. Ironically, they gave me an "NHL on TSN" hat for the effort.

I kind of like curling.. of course, we only pick up TSN on the satellite every once in a while. ESPN was actually showing some curling courtesy of TSN the other day.

Kaz, did you see the fricking crowds at the Briar? They sold out hockey rinks. Like 20k - 30k howling curling fans at a time... my brain shut down.

Didn't get to see many crowd shots. I think the NHL is in trouble... I think many Canadians (and even some Canadiens) will find other sports to follow.

I think both US hockey fans will move on as well.

ESPN2 a couple weeks ago was showing a juggling competition. Top that.

Uhh.. I suppose we should get to the topic at hand.. uhm... I believe any parent who is capable of blocking UV should be expected to block UV.

(I hope this doesn't start a heated debate with members of the International UV Blocking Association dropping in)

Kaz as long as the Canadian National Teams keep pummeling, well, everyone else, I really don't care about the NHL. Well, that's a lie.... but I'm trying to be brave.

I know, whats my steroid addled brother supposed to do. Go back to the Swedish league and make enough to afford snuss!?!?!?!

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