March 14, 2005

Other People's Baby Photos: Anderson Cooper by Diane Arbus

Arbus Baby.jpg
styling credit: billy bob lips

A Diane Arbus [that's DEE-ann, fyi, at least according to MEE-chelle Norris's network, NPR] exhibition that's been traveling around the country just opened in NYC at the Metropolitan Museum. She's known for her engrossing, unsettling photo portraits.

Among the standout images in the show: this portrait for Harper's Bazaar of Gloria Vanderbilt's infant son, Anderson. Cooper. Yes, that Anderson Cooper.

Tyler Green quotes Arbus's biographer on the photo: "the infant resembles a flat white death's head -- eyes sealed shut, moth pursed and moist with saliva. When Gloria Vanderbilt saw the photograph, she forbade Bazaar to publish it, but eventually she changed her mind and this stunning image opened Diane's retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in 1972."

Name That Baby [modernartnotes]


He's certainly gotten better looking over the years, but I wonder if this is how he'll look at 85 or so?

A wonderfully creepy photo.


It looks like he's lost weight since age 1.... although he would have made a great Baby Uncle Fester.

There's something poetic about being a socialite and having a famous photographer take a picture of your kid that looks like a death's head. No wonder people want to trade up!

he looks kinda creepy, but hey, he's hot now... who cares? And what a work of art!

Sooo Cute, I look like him when i was a baby :P

oh please he's cute. he looks like a someone who's time has not come yet to take over the world.

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