March 13, 2005

Amuse Yourself At Your Kid's Expense With Novelty Hillbilly Pacifiers

"You've probably seen them on national TV," the website starts. Um, probably not, since these days, I'm lucky if I catch The Daily Show--and latenight bullriding from PBR Rodeo.

No, I found out about the hilariously embarassing novelty pacifiers by the makers of Billy-Bob Teeth from Modern Day Dad, who is obviously still putting himself on the line, TV-wise, in order to bring important dad-related gear to our attention.

Billy-Bob are bad fake teeth in a variety of configurations to make you look like a hillbilly, a caveman, or, at best, a swingin' British secret agent. For some reason, they branched out, creating pacifiers that can give your kid buckteeth, crooked teeth, vampire teeth, or big mambo Jagger lips. There are also camo, sports, and smiley face pacifiers, but nothing beats the teeth for sheer amusement. Be sure to take a lot of pictures; the kid'll appreciate it much later in life.

Order your Billy Bob Pacifiers for $12, or with an equally embarassing headband for $17 [, via modern-day dad]
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1 Comment

Well, at least it's not the penis pacifier the expectant mother had on Girls Behaving Badly.

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