March 8, 2005

Kids Furniture From The Guy Who Made Bjork's Bed


Peep is a collection of solidly made modernist kids furniture "for hip toddlers and their cool parents" from Kapow Design, an Oregon-based fine woodworking concern. Although it looks like it could pack flat and knock together pretty easily, Kapow says there's no assembly required. So watch for some big boxes coming your way.

In addition to Peep, Kapow created a beautiful-if-intimidating bed out of polyethylene and bookended-grain walnut slabs for Bjork and her baby daddy, the artist Matthew Barney. If it were anyone else, I'd think that plug is just a little TMI, but considering Barney's work--he made a 5-part epic film named after the muscle that retracts the testicles when it's cold out--I didn't even blink.

Email Kapow Design for info on Peep; they're too cool right now for retail [kapowdesign, via gawker and Christy]
Matthew Barney's The Cremaster Cycle []


Those films were just awful. All that dental torture and just plain creepy shite!


Love Bjork Gudmundsdottir however.

Cool stuff, but I wonder why he's following an Ikea naming protocol?

His doesn't LOOK like a typical Ikea designer, running naked through the birch forests, sniffing wood glue to help come up with the next unpronounceable name for a frikkin dresser.....

Hey! We got the IKEA "frikkin" dresser too! It was a particle board piece of crap...drawers always got stuck.

Hey! I'm not too cool anymore. You can purchase Peep on my website and hopefully in stores soon. Thanks for the props.

I'm too cool again. I just found out that I need to buy an insurance policy with a $20,000 premium if I want to sell a single chair to a child. Sorry, I can't afford it.
Anyone want to buy the rights to a line of kid's furniture?

That sucks, Charley.

Not that I'd ever sue, but given the way the kid scrambles around over our furniture, I guess I'm not surprised an ins co would stick it to you like that.

Good luck and keep DT in the loop

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