March 3, 2005

It's Not Raining Men: Baby Showers

I've never heard of guys throwing a baby shower. For some reason, it's still one of those chick things.

That said, my wife had a shower at work, which had a mixed m/f crowd--mostly scientists, they gave us all kinds of utilitarian stuff that we thought amusingly odd at the time (A Costco case of Pampers? Who'll ever need that many?) but which proved quite useful.

Then right before the kid was born, some friends in NYC threw a shower for "us," aka my wife. Since we didn't really need the basics, we suggested people bring their favorite children's book, which worked out really well.

I think of this now because blogger and dad-to-be Matt Haughey (of Metafilter, et al.) reports that they did the same thing, with interesting and surprising results.

The Start of Her Library...


Funny (ironic not ha ha), I work with a local Boot Camp for New Dads program. We have started doing Baby Fairs for our host hospitals as a means of PR. We are scheduled to work at a "Baby Shower Fair" in April. the other Coaches and I have come up with a shower geared more towards Dads. We are calling it "Hit the Shower". Gifts include strollers, snugglies, car seats, and fun stuff.

Of the fun stuff two items stand out. The New Dad Survival Kit and Daddy's Tool Box. The kit is made up of: asprin, energy drinks, protein bars, coffee shop gift card, lotion, wipes, etc. The Tool Box contains: gloves, wipes, bib, lotion, a toy, three diapers, wipes, disposal bags, disposable camera, and disposable pads for changing. The Tool Box is for Dad's car, "just in case you forgot something." The Survival Kit is a gag gift but meant to prepare Dad for caring.

The Hit the Shower party takes place at a sports bar and only men are allowed.

We had a mixed shower, no fricking way I was going to miss the fancy sandwiches and cake.

My wife's family threw her a baby shower. Other than lugging in many large packages, I had nothing to do with it. I was slightly disapponted. I mean, it's OUR daughter. But, her family is very traditionally sexist. I would not have enjoyed being the only male.

On the other hand, some friends of our had a mixed gender shower. Sadly, that shower was too close to my wife's due date and 400 miles away. Seems far more enjoyable as a general celebration.

We had a coed shower, and genuinely so; the arrangers included me completely. But we failed to set a precedent in my family, as all subsequent showers (for 6 years) have been girls only.

But then, I still hear the word "babysit" used a lot by men taking care of their own kids, so I suppose the enlightenment bridge needs work at both ends.

So I was feeling kind of disenfranchised because my wife was getting a baby shower and I was getting nada. So I organized my male friends to throw a "Daddy Sauna" instead. Just guys - lots of food and drinks and cigars. Some of the guys were married - some were single - and some fathers. It was a load a fun! Now a friend of mine is coming due and we are throwing another Daddy Sauna for him! anyone aware of any Dad in Tennessee who has had or is having a Daddy Shower. I am a freelance writer for a parenting magazine and I need a Tennessee Dad! Thanks Email me!!

I am throwing a baby shower for one of my husbands friends and I would like to make it not too showy,. But nice because this is his first child and a boy... He is a very sweet guy.... I was thinking sports bar and reserve a couple of tables and then what......:)Any ideas.

I gave my husband a baby shower. No women allowed! I invited all his friends, my dad and brother. I reserved a private room at a sports bar, ordered four appetizer platters and a cake (I let them order their own drinks). I sent out invitations letting the guys know that he was a Miami Dolphins and Oakland A's fan. He received infant apparel sporting his favorite team logos, a couple of traditional outfits, blankets, etc. I called to check on him after two hours. He was having a blast...and continued on for another two hours.

I agree the time has come for Dad's and shower gifts 2 B 1. I bought my husband the Daddy diaper changing toolbox by Fun Stuff 4 Babies and he loves it mostly because of the tools in the toolbox and after the gag is over he can use it for manly projects. They offer free shipping when you buy it.

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