March 1, 2005

B-Class Music Wouldn't Even Make The B-Side

mercedes_ipod.jpgThe new B-Class Mercedes--which goes on sale in March in Europe, in October in North Amer-, er, Canada--will be the first Mercedes to feature an iPod integration kit. [You may know it better as a EUR183 adapter cable, and it'll show up on all MB models by the end of the year.]

Bringing your own music along makes sense, especially after listening to the total crap kids songs Mercedes is offering for [free, duh] mp3 download as part of the B-Klasse launch promotion. They're "a new take on the best-loved classics," including such royalty-free hits as "London Bridge," "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and "Hush Little Baby."

Mercedes has a bi-monthly free Mixtape download that doesn't suck, so when I downloaded the kids songs, I expected some trendy euro-pop or techno remix; what I got, I swear, was an oompah band playing some of the cheesiest, most annoying versions of the songs I've ever heard.

For Mercedes' sake, I hope the "cool new families with no taste and mush for brains" demographic is as large and lucrative as they apparently predict.

B-Klasse Launch Site
[, look under 'entertainment']
Mercedes-Benz takes iPod on the road []
Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape []

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