February 28, 2005

WSJ Weighs In On Dads-n-Strollers

Thanks to everyone who forwarded lasr week's Wall Street Journal story about new dad-friendly strollers and other gear. The article hits several Daddy Types favorites (the Bugaboo, obviously; the Xplory, and the Quinny Buzz) and even includes quotes from several DT readers. [*cough* URL? *cough*]

It's not all smiles and sunshine, though: I'm sure the same chump who called the Bugaboo "the Hummer of strollers," is down at the mall right now, showing off "bottle shorts."

Dad's New Wheels Are On The Stroller [wsj, sub req]
Dad Bottle Shorts! [duematernity.com, via wsj]
Previously: Ask Yourself: Do you want a Bugaboo because...?

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