February 28, 2005

No Added Sugar Camo PJ's

no_added_sugar_camo.gifNo Added Sugar is a London-based kids clothing company with the usual array of slightly irreverent silkscreened T-shirts and bodysuits. These camo playsuits (if they call them pajamas, they have to meet some flame retardant and non-loose fitting-ness safety requirement, so they're called playsuits) also have a matching skull cap (size 0-6 months only). The other thing that looked cool was the "Enjoy Milk" t-shirt and/or sweater, with the logo in a very Coke-esque script.

We saw No Added Sugar in one of those Spenser's-lookin' tchotchke shops in Amsterdam, but the definitely get around. Fred Segal in LA and Showroom 64 in New York both carry them.

Camo playsuit, 21.30, plus non-trivial shipping [noaddedsugar.co.uk]
Showroom 64, the NYC branch of the London shoppe, at 106 Greenwhich Ave. [showroom64.com]

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