February 28, 2005

It's Raining, Men: Kid-size Urinals

peter_potty.jpgI was taking notes at a pretty quick pace in Amsterdam, figuring I'd just look stuff up online later. Except I couldn't find the Happy Pee Kiddy Boy Urinal anywhere. We saw it in Teuntje, a very cool kids store in central Amsterdam, but there's no mention of it on the web at all. [A word of advice: don't Google something like "happy pee" at work, either.]

Anyway, the Happy Pee is about as minimal a urinal as you can get. It may make peeing fun, but with no plumbing, the wall-mounted plastic basin is not exactly Happy Clean-up. You might as well teach the kid to pee against a tree.

Then, on my first day back in America, that land of the can-do, innovative, entrepreneurial spirit, I get an email pitch about the Peter Potty, "the world's only flushable toddler urinal." If the Happy Pee is the Smart Car of urinals, the Peter Potty is the Lincoln Navigator.

With its adjustable height and optional floor- or wall-mounting system, the Peter Potty means an end to "training your little man to sit first and stand later." Now, the inventors promise, little boys can "start out right" and "stand like Daddy."

Maybe like Daddy used to before he got married; the makers of the Peter Potty clearly have not yet been visited by the Men Pee Sitting Down Brigade over at Urban Baby.

Teuntje, in Amsterdam: go for the Kiddy Boy Urinal, stay for the strollers, clothes, shoes, books, toys, and other stuff.
The Peter Potty, $44.95 $49.95 from Visionaire Products [peterpotty.com]
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Thanks for your awesome comments about our Peter Potty! Just wanted you to know the price is $49.95 on our website, just so your readers don't get miffed when they visit! So interesting that you had just seen the Happy Pee in Amsterdam, then come home to my email. Thanks again for the plug!


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