February 23, 2005

Perfect Madness-watch: NY Observer

This opening paragraph is the most vivid in Ruth Davis Konigsberg's New York Observer review. It's also the only appearance or mention of a baby daddy.:

When I first read Perfect Madness: Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety, a week after giving birth to my first child, it registered as little more than a theoretical exercise. Being a parent was an intensely physical stateópostpartum fluid was still being flushed out of my body in night sweats, and I was so painfully constipated that on doctorís orders I had to send my husband down to the corner for a Fleet enema (a household first!). Between our babyís circumcision wound and his umbilical-cord stump, his needs, too, seemed limited to those of the flesh.
What Makes Mommy Run? An Anatomy of the Ðber-Mutter [observer.com]
Congratulations, Mr. Konigsberg. Now read this: Be down with EBB: Managing The First Few Weeks

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Oh that book is everywhere. The author was on the Today show, but Katie Couric never asked the author if she was really telling us anything new. And the author gave a kind of irritating remark about how women that she interviewed kind of turned into a dad bashing lot, when pressed. However, (maybe to counterpoint?) Katie did point out that more children have more "parent time" these days, and that parent time is being made up of time with dad.

Here's a funny commentary on the book from getupgrrl.

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