February 18, 2005

New Passat In Europe; New Honda Truck for Non-Truck People

Dan Neil, the LA Times car critic, gives high praise to Honda's new Ridgeline truck, aka the truck for "cool dads": It's "so scary good, so smart and so instantly likable that it's going to send everybody back to pickup school."


Meanwhile, for uncool dads [kidding!! hey, Honda said it first], the newly redesigned 2006 VW Passat just debuted in Germany. It's bigger and more upscale, just the way your upwardly mobile self likes it. VWVortex has tons of photos and specs. The sedan hits US dealers in August, but the wagon doesn't go on sale until February 2006. Sheesh, you could have a kid in less time than that.

The Nip-Tuck Truck
[lat]VW Passat Launch in Germany [vwvortex, via jalopnik]
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Honda's truck for "cool dads"

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I'm not so sure about that Honda truck. I saw the Super Bowl commercial for it. I think it's pretty darned ugly. Like that VW sedan, though.

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