February 17, 2005

Spas Out? Not Anymore. Now You Can Take The Kid

If you're a mom, that is. But then spas are really a chick thing anyway, right? All that "me time."

Well, now spas are becoming a mom and baby thing. They're trying to accommodate new parents moms with specially designated mom-and-baby weeks or with amenities like nannies [duh], Frette crib linens, and, yes, Bugaboos.

To fully grasp the illogic of taking a kid with you while you getaway from it all, I think I need to turn on some whale music, get myself wrapped in seaweed, and meditate in a dark room, where the only light comes from a smoldering pile of $100 bills I just got from the bank.

JOURNEYS; Spas' New Message: Bring the Baby, Too [nytimes]

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