February 14, 2005

Daisy Roots Chrome-Free Leather Shoes for Treehuggers

daisy_roots_shoes.jpgor FROM Treehuggers, actually. Treehuggers.com, where I saw these Daisy Roots kid shoes. They're made with a chrome-free, vegetable-based tanning process, which'll keep the vegans happy [oh, wait...] and keep your kid from absorbing so many heavy metals through his feet he'll only be able to get into clown school.

Daisy Roots come in much less ADORABLE styles than Robeez, which is a feature, not a bug, in my book. There are three flag styles, too: two Great Britain and...one England. Hmm. Guess the American flag ones must've sold out during the run-up to the Iraq war.

Anyway, probably the COOLEST thing is the personalised [sic] shoe option, where they'll sew your kid's 10-letters-or-less name on his shoes for 25.00 (vs 16.00 for the normal ones), or $1 million.

Daisy Roots Ltd child friendly shoes
[daisy-roots.com, via treehugger]

1 Comment

I guess my son's name, Buckminster won't do. I'll have to go with what we actually call him, Fuller. Wonder if they will break it up Buck on one shoe, minster on the other?

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