February 11, 2005

Now You Seimi Baby Collection? Now You Don't

seimi_crib.jpgThe Seimi Baby Collection is the creation of Puu Studio, a Finnish woodworking and furniture maker, and it rocks. Not literally, I mean it's cool. I don't mean Helsinki-in-February cool, I mean-- Anyway...

Peti, the Seimi crib [in grand Scandinavian tradition, the company gives odd, cutesy names to every piece in its line] has detachable cotton canvas sides and is available in a wide range of colors, ecologically friendly woods, and finishes [no pun]. Like a lot of European crib designs, it's very simple and low to the ground, right where Americans used to keep their "playpens." It seems well-designed, well-made, and fairly reasonably priced. Which means you'll never see it in the US.

That's just my wild guess, because the even cooler Seimi bassinet, a square cotton-mesh cradle suspended from a sleek, minimalist wooden frame, WILL be here. It's being carried in the Netto Collection catalog, where it's shown alongside Netto's own sleek, minimalist, and fairly expensive Case Study nursery furniture. And what need would David have of a cheap, sleek crib, hmm?

Seimi Baby Collection [seimi.fi, via DT reader Andy]
Buy the Seimi Bassinet, $590 from the Netto Collection [nettocollection.com]

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Anyone know how to get the Seimi crib here in the U.S.? Also, is this approved for U.S. standards (my wife made me ask)? Crib shopping sucks for the modern-minded dad!

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