February 11, 2005

Joel's not getting off THIS Babysitter.

Those Dutch. While Bugaboo's over there revolutionizing the stroller children's mobility market, the rest of the country's designers are apparently focused on the children's immobility market.

This chair, ominously (or realistically, take your pick) called The Babysitter, was created by Niels Van Eljk and Miriam Van der Lubbe for Underdogma, an exhibition at last year's Milan furniture fair "in which the designers question 11 dogmas in design on 11 products."

The dogma questioned here: don't make a high chair that looks like an electric chair, complete with functioning leather head-, wrist-, and ankle-straps. Of course the second dogma--but if you do, just don't put a power cord on it--remains inviolate. For now.

At least some of the pair's Underdogma products are on exhibit at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam through May.

Underdogma Babysitter, lookin' a lot like an electric chair [ons-adres.nl, ia boingboing]
Nest: Design for the Interior, at the Stedelijk through 15 May [holland.com]
Previously: Atelier Van Lieshout's 'Bad Furniture' Crib

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