February 11, 2005

Do You Need A Dummy Stand?

seimi_dummy_stand.jpg"Dummies seem to be always lost, so here¥s a solution to keep them in one place!"

While you scare yourself imagining how the Dutch might solve this this problem, let me tell you that in Finnish (i.e., British) English, a dummy is a pacifier. [In case you're going on EU Jeopardy, the Finnish word is tuteille.]

So for Seimi, a dummy stand is a little wooden rack that you can slot pacifiers into so they don't go missing. It's a simple, useful idea, and it fits on the Seimi Murphy Bed-style fold-down changing table.

I'm sure it'll never be available in the US, but that's fine. Around here, dummies are NEVER lost; they're either in your coat pocket, or they're under the far side of the crib. Seriously, my wife fished out five the other day.

Dummy Stand, from the Seimi Baby Collection [seimi.fi]


This is the "dummy" holder we got (sorry for the messy url, and yes it's called a "dummy holder" too).

Mounts on the wall, elicits oohs and ahs from the family (who mostly have never heard of any baby item that isn't available at BRU).

Actually, the Finnish word for pacifier is tutti, not tuteille (which BTW means 'for pacifiers'). Greetings from Helsinki! The weather is just fine here...

PS Nice to see some Finnish design on your site.

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