February 11, 2005

Daddy Blog Group Hug at Metrodad

Metrodad writes about trying to find some like-minded, involved dads like himself, who don't trade in the family jewels for a Family Truckster. His first stop(s)--in the multitude of pregnancy classes--goes amusingly badly:

"...for the most part, the only thing that I seemed to have in common with most of these guys was that we'd impregnated our wives somewhere around December 31, 2003. Not much of a bonding connection."

After a painful detour through mommy blogs and even mommy knitting blogs--even though knitting is supposedly the new rugby, they left him confused and lonely--he found...[all together now] daddy blogs. And he proceeded to launch one of the best of them himself.

Now let's all hug brusquely, smack each other on the backs, pull apart quickly, and then shuffle off uncomfortably towards the bar.

Pater Familias [metrodad]
Men & boys knitting up a storm [cbsnews.com, via metafilter]

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um.. heh heh... yeah... how about them Patriots!


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