February 10, 2005

Ralph Rapson's Rapid Rocker, Re-Introduced

rapson_rocker.jpgBesides the Eames RAR Rocker, of course, there were remarkably few rocking chair designs to come out of the mid-century golden age of American modernism. One rare example, the Rapid Rocker, was created for Knoll in 1945 by Ralph Rapson, a young architect/designer who, like the Eameses, gained notice from the Case Study House project.

True to its WWII-era origins, Rapson's bent wood and upholstery rocker required a minimum of resources, and was originally available with less expensive webbing. Vintage examples can cost up to $10,000.

In 2003, though, Rapson's Minneapolis firm re-issued a limited number of Rapson Rockers, which are upholstered in wool, for $1,650. Email Rapson Architects for details.

Classic Rapson Rapid Rocker, look under News [rapsonarchitects.com, via DT reader Erik]

1 Comment

obviously a very cool looking rocker -- very similar to the more stationary Grasshopper chair by Saarinen. I can't say those handlebars look all that kid friendly.

We've started looking at the nurseryworks rocker -- it's big and comfy and is definitley a splurge.

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