February 9, 2005

Heat-Indicating Spoons

heat_sensitive_spoon.gifThe business ends of these colorful plastic spoons from Munchkin--like absolutely everything else you'll ever buy during the next ten years, they're available in pink and blue--turn white if the food in them is too hot for baby's wittle mout', which makes me wonder what we're doing wrong by never feeding the kid hot food.

Until now the way we could tell if the food was too hot was if she immediately dropped it and recoiled in pained sobs when we'd give her a pizza crust. Sounds like it's on to Plan B.

I'm interested to know how/why the suction cups on the end, though. Used vertically, wouldn't the food run down the handle? And used horizontally, wouldn't they ressemble the kid's new favorite toy, a boingy doorstop?

Temperature-sensitive White Hot Infant Feeding Spoon from Munchkin, $3.49 for two at Pallets [kidsurplus.com, via cool tools


Only Mami has those doorstops and he disappears to the front hall of her apartment for hours to play with it. I'm thinking of getting one for the house and just mounting it somewhere in the middle of the wall.

I know this may seem like dumb advice, and I can only imagine the warnings the lawyers had them slap all over the packaging, but here it is: don't rely on the spoon! We have something similar. I was washing it under scalding tap water and it just got sorta pinkish.

This is the second place I've seen these spoons, and each time I've thought, how are these different than the many varieties of heat-sensing children's spoons we had to choose from at Babies-R-Us?

Of course, the answer is the suction cups.

My thoughts on the purpose of the suction cups was the stick it to the tray so that the child could put a grape in it and be able to pull back with BOTH hands in order to increase flinging distance.

We got a little rubber hippo-in-an-inner-tube that was supposed to indicate when the bath water was too hot. Of course, as soon as we put it in water--any water, even straight from the fridge--it started glowing "HOT." Now I wonder if it's not the lawyers' doing.

I DO vaguely remember this ancient art of blowing on a spoonful of food to cool it down. Maybe the spoon will tell you when you've blown enough?

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