February 1, 2005

TSG's Bad Dad of The Week

Florida dad Douglas Dycus has been arrested and charged with felonious abuse for using a stun gun to break up a wrestling match between his two sons. The fight, you see, was delaying the whole family.

The 14-year-old victim's name was not released; I hope it's not Biggus.

Dad's a real stunner
[thesmokinggun.com, via JJ]


The problem with "non-lethal" weapons is that people don't get that they are still "weapons that really really fucking hurt".

That said, how do you defend yourself in this case? "Well at least I didn't shoot him."?

"I only zapped him twice."

Seriously, I mean, what's a little electricity? It's not like it could possibly stop his heart or anything... wait? What's that? Oh it could? hmm... well he was being bad...

I know.......a tazer IS dangerous.

I use a radio controlled anti-barking dog collar instead. Much more effecient and the child remains concious, which is important, so they can hear me yelling!

(just joking.....geeez!)

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