February 1, 2005

Baby on Board: Sophia, SSN 048-88-9320

stick_family_robinson.gifFrom the TMI Department by way of boingboing comes Stick Family Robinson, a customized collection of stick figure stickers for your car that allows you to telegraph the makeup and personal information for your entire family to the entire world.

The stickers are popular in California. Apparently, it's a trend that started in Mexico, where the stickers have improved kidnapping efficiency and accuracy by 28%.

While you could argue that ugly and stupid is empirically worse, cute and stupid probably gets in more trouble. One potentially useful application of this: when you get into your minivan at the mall, you can compare your entourage against the Stick Family Robinson to see if you've picked up or lost anyone.

Create your custom Stick Family sticker [Carstickers.com, in Ogden, UT. For a sweet hack, see if they'll let you make one with 2 daddies and 1 Asian baby girl, or with 1 daddy, 3 moms, and 15 kids.]
Stick Family Robinson, each sold separately and thus, infinitely configurable to match any family composition [Grafittiworx.com]


But wait! You missed the best of all! The "Jedi Family Sticker" from Grafittiworx.
And I quote- "If the Force runs strong in your family, this Star Wars jedi family window sticker will make the perfect addition to your shuttle or transport."
Yes, I bet you thought those nerdy kids in high school with the black duster coats and scraggly goatees would never be able to procreate, but they did! And here's an easy way to ID them.
http://www.graffitiworx.com/sci-fi-stickers.asp (and scroll down about half way)
They also have Borg stickers, I assume for Microsoft employees.

These are not the stickers you're looking for.

These aren't the stickers I am looking for...

Move along, please.

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