January 31, 2005

Ralph's World: Nursery School of Rock

happy_lemons.jpgDavid Edelstein writes what he knows in the NY Times, with his profile of not-just-for-kids rocker Ralph Covert. Covert was in Bad Examples, a real band--*cough cough* I mean a band for grown-ups--when he took over a Chicago music school's kid's program as a steadier gig. It was, the school's ex-director said, "'teachers with guitars singing Itsy-Bitsy Spider to 12 parents with babies on their laps.'"

Now Covert, as Ralph's World, has a gig coming up at Joe's Pub next Sunday. Get a sitter and head on over.

Nursery School of Rock [NYT]
Visit Ralphsworld.com, or get new CD, "Happy Lemons" [waterdogmusic.com]

Ralph's World, Sunday Feb. 6 at 11AM. AM?? Forget the sitter and bring the kids to, presumably, their first bar. [joespub.com]


Sold out!!!


Yo, forget Ralph. Go see Justin Roberts when he plays Brooklyn next week, and see what a real kid rocker is like!

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