January 31, 2005

Dooce Is The Miramax Of The Bloggies

How else to explain her multiple Bloggie nominations AND the perfectly timed marketing campaign--a NYT Style secion coverstory on parent blogs starring Heather and Leta?

[Right now I'm making a rocking hand-to-ear phone pantomime and mouthing the words, "let's do breakfast."]

Mommy (and Me)* [NYT]

* and daddy, but we don't talk about him here, apparently.


yeah.. where were the dads in that article?

yeah. what's up with that? i was thinking the same thought just the other day

Why am I thinking that Henry Kissinger's comment about acedemia applies to blogging recognition, as well?
"The infighting is so fierce because the stakes are so small"
PS- Greg, will you be donning your Batman costume and climbing the walls of Buckingham Palace soon?

JJ - amen.

Eric - here's my take and I agree with you - the slant of the story fit with the Gray Lady's perception of bloggers. And the Sunday Style's section is notoriously insipid anyway....

Now, come on. They described and quoted both Mr. Allen (thezeroboss.com), and Ben MacNeil (trixieupdate.com). They also said that DotMoms linked to about 100 dad blogs. Sure, it features Dooce, but I thought it represented dads, too.

I'm pretty sure that when a dadblogger said, "Hey, this article's just about mommy bloggers!" what he meant was, "They didn't include my blog!"

At least that's what I meant...

Oh, and even though the writer isn't responsible for it, that giant headline DOES set a tone...

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