January 30, 2005

iPodcast, Therefore iAm Rebel Dad

Brian has just launched Rebel Dad Radio, his inaugural experiment with podcasting. If your first response is, "Podcasting, what's that?" it's time to move into 2005, people.

Podcasting is audio content--often from a blog--that your iPod can automatically download. It's in an exotic format called "mp3" that you can play basically anywhere. But if you have an iPod, Rebel Dad can go to the gym with you and talk to you on the treadmill.

The first show is a roundup of recend dads-in-the-news stories and an interview with At-Home Dad Network honcho and author of the Stay At Home Dad Handbook, Peter Baylies. Total runtime is about 17 minutes.

Go give a listen: Rebel Dad Radio 1.30.05

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