January 25, 2005

Eh, Who Needs Stroller Skis?

Jen from Gothamist keeps her eye out for Daddy Types, like the one pushing his orange Bugaboo down Broadway in the snow on the photoblog, what about the plastic animals?

Thanks, Jen, and congrats on the Bloggies nominations!


Thanks, daddy!

And I have to admit that after reading so extensively about the stroller subculture, even I, not even close to having a child, want to stop parents and ask them why they chose that particular stroller.

Well, well, well... I would like to see any other stroller being able to handle the snow we had last Saturday. The Bugaboo in wheel-barrow mode braved all the deep snow as well as the drifts on corners. I was just laughing internally at all the people with umbrella strolllers I saw...

Want to be able to brave the snow with your tyke? Get a Bugaboo Frog (Chameleon|Gecko)!

Where can you buy a gecko? Or Chammmm...chammm..whatever that other one is called.

Real cross country conversion ski kit comes with Chariot products, but they suck!

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