January 22, 2005

MacGyver A Bugaboo Cup Holder, Round 2


DT reader and dad-to-be Steve Chapman has been spending the last few days of his care-free, child-free life in his workshop, where he has been trying to make a better Bugaboo drink holder.

His solution, which won't undergo field testing until the "bam-bean-o" arrives, is the Safety 1st Fold-up Stroller Drink Holder, which is available just about everywhere for $2.49 (it's even less at BabyAnt.com).

Sure enough, it holds a drink; but how does Steve propose to meet the all-important "no shop class projects on my designer stroller" criteria?

Steve replies, "I just recently read about spray paint that's made specifically for plastic from Krylon. I just can't decide if I would want to paint it maroon to match the Aubergine or just basic black."

I'd go for black myself, but hey, for $2.49, you could do both.


I guess you all can say I've been in Europe too long, but I have no clue why you need a cup holder? I find it no problem to push the carridge down the road and carry my own drink at the same time. Am I missing something?

My wife and I are looking into getting a Bugaboo and when we saw the first comment saying that they weren't happy there were no cupholders we thought it was a joke. Then we saw another and so on an so forth. It just seems strange to us as to why everyone needs one.

Yes, Jason, you HAVE been in Europe too long. Every other stroller in the US has 3-4 cup holders, just like how SUV's and minivans have 10-12.

And while it's easy enough to hold a drink while pushing a stroller, if you have nowhere to put it down, how are you supposed to answer your cell phone?

Basically, a stroller without a cupholder is like a mule without a spinning wheel.

Yeah, seriously Jason. I don't know how long you've been away, but here in the good old US of A we like to have a drink, then put it down for a while so we can come back to it later. If that fugly Graco can do it, then why not my Bugaboo? Who says we can't perfect perfection????

I have found the PERFECT Bugaboo cup holder, sort of, I saw it on another Bugaboo today at gymboree, it was called "Velco" and it fit perfectly, like the clips and it was black. But I have not been able to find it ANYWHERE online. Please help!.. Also, men get your wife the Bugaboo diaper bag for mother's day, I am asking for it because nothing fits below that stroller and my back is killing me! CC

The reason you don't find "velco" is because its spelled "valco"! :~)


[Here's the pic of the cupholder. -ed.]

I have a double cup holder & storage bag on my stroller called Carry You. It has pockets for keys & cell phone too. Here is the website-

Another cupholder that works well with the Bugaboo is the Babu Universal cupholder (aka Allo Baby Cupholder)

I must agree with my fellow bugaboo owners...a cupholder is a must! I too found a great/non-tacky cupholder! It's by valco! Works like a charm!!! So to all you dad's working in your garages trying to invent a cupholder STOP!!!!

As a father pushing the Bugaboo, both a cup holder and a snack tray are a necessity. I did't believe my wife but this stroller is worth it because it is so easy to push. I finally found a cupholder and snack tray made for the Bugaboo that I was happy with. It is at www.carryyou.com.


justin, which carryyou product did you get? i have the milan and find it pretty big for the bugaboo.


I have the same question. i am looking for a cupholder+ for my bugaboo and wondered if the milan would hang down too low from the handlebar. Is the demi-milan a better bet?


I just got my Milan today and it works great on my Cameleon. The Demi-Milan won't work on the Bugaboo (Carry You's website states that).

When you use the regular Milan, the weight of the mesh bag actually helps hold the drinks straight. Without the weight of the bag, the Demi tips under the bar and the drinks would actually be tipped so much to be almost level with the floor.

The Milan on the other hand works perfectly with no tipping at all. I also just got Carry You's new soft snack tray that attaches to the Bugaboo's bumper bar as well...so now the Bugaboo has accessories that provide the cup-holders & snack tray that we Americans so want!

My husband is from Europe and the main difference is that our Starbucks coffee cups are huge! WE get supersized coffee, unlike Europe(well, Italy in particular) where there are no large coffees to go-- people usually drink their coffees at cafes and their cups are much smaller! Thank you all for the cup holder suggestions, because I have been searching for a while now!

the Milan works great on the bugaboo frog, but it only has 2 cup holders (i usually never leave home without less than 4 beverages, thats not counting the baby's water bottle)... now with wifi practically all over south beach, has anyone connected a laptop to the bugaboo? would love to have my notebook connected while walking my little one.

...no, i'm not american. but it sure beats sweden in term of comfort (God Bless SUV's with 23 cup holders!)

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