January 19, 2005

The Compleat Star Wars


You've already reserved your Darth Tater.

Your plush Jawa is still new in box, with tags.

What's the one thing no serious Star Wars collection can do without, yet is made all the more difficult to obtain precisely because you have a serious Star Wars collection? That's right, a Star Wars baby. From the Jedi Council Forums at theforce.net:

Hey, sorry for being absent for the last few months. School, work, play in the Louisville Playwright Festival . . . but the biggest thing is: April is pregnant with our first child! We're 14 weeks along, heard fetal heartbeat a few weeks ago. We'll hopefully find the sex out with the ultrasound in 4-5 weeks. She's due in August.

So, baby names. If anyone has a suggestion of Star Wars-related names both awful and funny (Vader) and normal sounding and nice (Leia) I'm willing to hear 'em.

My favorite reply: "My fear is having a child that will hate Star Wars. Even worse, he/she will hate science-fiction. Or even WORSE, he/she will be a Trekker."


The feminized version of Darth Maul.....
"Dartha Maulie"

You forgot to mention that your lovable little plush jawa is like $79.00! I almost peed myself.....


Except I know a couple who named their son Anakin. For real. And his middle name: Shipwreck.

Anakin Shipwreck.

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