January 17, 2005

Sleepy: The Swiss-Made Miracle Caster


Guido Tschopp, a Swiss engineer, spent 14 years perfecting Sleepy, a set of four casters which, when placed under the corners of your kid's crib, helps "mimic the rhythmic movement of the uterus." Sleepy uses the baby's own movements and breathing to generate its gentle rocking motion. You don't believe me? Just ask the pirate earring- and soulpatch-sporting Swiss dad who stars in Sleepy - The Movie. Or read the happy parent responses in Sleepy - The PowerPoint Slide.

At roughly $300/set, Sleepy is twice as expensive as the Robopax BabySitter. But remember: the BabySitter rocks your kid along only one axis. Sleepy rocks your baby along three axes, x-, y-, and z. On a per-axis basis, at least, you're saving mad money.

Buy Sleepy for CH294 at Sleepy Switzerland [Sleepy.ch]
Or for 149.99 Including VAT, UK orders only [ababysleeps.com - but the dense scientific-sounding sales pitch is FREE!]

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Hi Greg.

My name is Paul, a director at Sandman International, the company responsible for the import and distribution of Sleepy from Switzerland into the UK.

I just wanted to say thank you for featuring our product on your site this week. But I feel I must point out that Sleepy is not a caster, which is a wheel mounted with an offset steering pivot. The crib/cot cannot be pushed around once the units are fitted.

You also compare the price of Sleepy with the Robopax Baby Sitter, which I am sure is an excellent product, but Sleepy is an entirely different product altogether - working on a cot - where most of a child's sleeping difficulties occur, and not a baby stroller. Our product requires no additional running expense as it requires neither electricity or batteries. It is built to the highest Swiss manufacturing standards and is virtually indestructible and it will last for years, making it extremely good value for money.

Thanks once again Greg.



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