January 15, 2005

Quinny Zapp w/ Maxi-Cosi: A Dad-to-be's Review

DT reader Hadi is about a week away from the arrival of his baby, which means he has PLENTY of time to kill surfing around European baby sites and writing in-depth ruminations about the Quinny Zapp travel stroller and the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio car seat they just got from Babycare.nl. Ahh, those were the days:

Both arrived yesterday, 10 days after placing online order. Smooth process and no glitches, we would order from them again. Additional costs: UPS shipping (depends on purchase) and customs clearing COD (approx. $20).

the baby is scheduled to make his appearance in a week, so can't comment yet on how the whole enchilada works with the child. will practice putting seat in car later today/tomorrow, so more to come in a few days.

Preliminary thoughts on the Zapp: It's definitely small when folded up, and can fit inside your car in the footwell or on the seat. It comes with a good travel bag. Clean and modern design, feels sturdy - much more so than other travel strollers, 360-degree rotation a la that other dutch stroller.

It took me about 15-20 min to remove the cloth stroller seat so I could install the car seat, a little bit of a pain, but I won't be doing often, as the cabrio is for kids up to up to 9 mos and the zapp seat is for kids who are older than 6/9 mos. [Note: we're still using the Cabrio at 11 months; it's good up to 13kg and 12-15 months, it says. Also, it's a 20-30-min job to switch the Bugaboo from bassinet to stroller upholstery, so there you are. -You only do that once, though. -DT]

Folding the Zapp is not a 1-click process, its takes about 3 moves to collapse it from full frame to that teeny bundle...same for the reverse. Will definitely fit onboard airline, a big plus. However, it is NOT the lightest stroller on the market (the tradeoff being sturdiness), so if your objective is weight, you may want to keep looking around.

Cabrio-Zapp setup: very easy via two adapters that fit onto the Zapp frame. The adapters come with the Zapp or the Cabrio so no need for extra purchase. The seat slots in perfectly and easily, and can be removed after clicking 2 buttons, although pressing buttons and lifting chair out of the sockets requires a little more effort. [no kidding. This can be a drag at night. -dt] The carseat and baby face you; it cannot be rotated to face the outside world.

The Cabrio seat seems pretty sturdy. the one surprising (nice) feature that we didn't know about is a retractable sun visor that clips on the car seat handle. [Seriously, they should put that visor on a billboard; we had no idea when we bought it, but we use that thing ALL the time. -dt]

Buy the Quinny Zapp in a rainbow of colors--or black--for $US223.47 at babycare.nl, plus s&h and customs (but minus VAT, of course)
Buy a Maxi-Cosi Cabrio at babycare.nl for $178.51, plus &c. Personally, if I were buying it all over again, I'd steer clear of the canvas, which seems to age awfully fast.


Dunno about that thing. It kinda looks like a couple of cobblestone sidewalks could send it to an early grave. Plus the headshot looks more appropriate for a DeBeers print ad..

Don't mean to sound bossy, but do you know that it's not recommended that you leave a newborn or young baby in a car seat for longer than needed? Studies show that they need to be lying flat (eg. in a pram/carrycot) for proper development.

The position they are in when seated in a car seat is optimal for their safety in a vehicle, not for their wellbeing overall.

This wave of travel systems that allow people to transport their child in a car seat from home to car, car to destination and then around the destination and back again mean that the child could be scrunched in that un-natural position for several hours more than recommended. There are websites that back up this theory and the BBC News had an article online about it last year.

Anon, are you suggesting that people not use travel systems? Then how would you suggest we get our kids from our apartments out to the street into taxis while also carrying the car seat?

If people leave their kids in car seats for hours, they'll also leave their kids in prams or other strollers for hours. That's not good for head development.

Meanwhile, I find I get MUCH more work done when the kid's strapped into her Maxi Cosi all day. After 10 months in there, she's finally kinda stopped fighting it.

Great review-I've got the Zapp on order. Meanwhile until it arrives does anyone know if the Quinny Carrycot fits the frame too? Also, before I order the Maxi Cosi Cabrio when you said you'd steer clear of the canvas-how can I tell which are canvas and which aren't? Excuse all the questions-I'll post a review when it arrives!!

1) I think the Zapp DOES fit the Quinny carrycot; isn't it on the Zapp website?
2) they have Canvas in the model name. i.e., we bought "Black Canvas"

I have never heard that wacky theroy about carseats. You should only lay your baby on its back to sleep, otherwise you make its head flat, not to mention the choking hazard.

Actually, I thought it was being on their backs 24/7 that made their heads go flat. And bald. Our friend's baby had to wear some halo/helmet to round his head back out.

And kids can sleep in carseats. Check with your doctor. Our kid slept 10hrs to and from Japan in her carseat, and she's fine. So far, anyway.

See Sleep or Breathe: Why Not Do Both?

Still no Zapp yet-but thanks for the answers to the questions. (I feel a bit stupid about the canvas question-but I hadn't seen any canvas options available!)

Does anybody know the dimensions of the Quinny Zapp when it's not folded?

A note on leaving kids in car seats too long - Yes, leaving an infant in a car seat too long is a problem and should be avoided. It can have negative effects bone structure, neck, digestion, and can be traced to acid reflux... so on so forth.

BUT this is much worst in US car seats. The US seats cradle the childís in more of a folded position. Most Euro seats have thought this through (once again confirming that most baby accessories made in the good old USA are more concerned with government regs than the actual children... and in the end are just crap.)

Most Euro seats keep the child much more flat until they are larger and better developed. Then, once the child reaches a certain age/weight you can lower the seated position on his/her bottom. This is accomplished by either removing an insert or an adjustment of a lever ñ manufacture dependant (Bebecar and Cosi-Maxi both have these features).

Love your child, in this case don't buy American

Does anyone have any experience with the Quinny Freestyle 3XL or 3XL Comfort model?

Easy does it on the anti American comments. Your child, whom you appear to love, would be speaking German if it weren't for the Americans.

We were well versed on the car seat theories before buying our car seat and in the end opted for a lie flat option - its brilliant. Our baby looks really comfy in it and not all hunched up like the other models on the market. The advise is there it's up to you if you take it or not!

Thought you might like to know, I took the time to measure the Zapp...unfolded it's 50 cm wide (seat), 105 cm high (top handle to wheel) 80 cm (handle to front wheel).

The Zapp's really is small enough to fit it AND tons of groceries in the back of my Toyota. And that's saying something!!

It doesn't support a carrycot frame though. But then again, I've never considered this to be a major disadvantage. The Cabrio car seat works just as well for me.

We bought our Zapp at an international site.

Quinny Zapp.com

Check it out, more colours available.


I like everything I see. But it doesn't look like the maxi-cosi cabrio has a seperate adapter plate that stays in the car does it? I like most other car seats that allow you to quickly pull the baby car seat in and out locking onto a plate that you secure in once. What are those called? If the maxi has it, i'm in, as the quinny zapp is way cool...

Are there any problems putting the Maxi Cosi Cabrio into an American car (Actually a Honda Civic, but I am not sure if there are differences between the American version and European version of this car)? Or do the European car seats fit as easy American car seats?

Does anyone know if there is an Isofix version of the Maxi Cosi cabrio available? And if so, is it relatively easy to get it in and out of the car? I was just about sold on the Zapp / Cabrio combo until I started thinking about the hassle involved in strapping the car seat in and out every time I wanted to take a walk.

hi, just reading your very informative site. i have a zapp and love it! maxi cosi do not make an isofix cabrio as far as i know, they also do not have the auto base (the bit that stays strapped in the car!) like the graco or the primo vaggio (peg perrego) that aside it is so easy to put the cabrio in the car,only takes a minute, the cabrio on the zapp frame looks so cool!! have had mine for a while now as i bought mine from germany before they were launched in the uk.....good job as they are sold out until april in most stores!

while i'm here does any-one have any info on the bugaboo cameleon, am taking delivery of 4 next week (1 for me 3 for e-bay!) cheaper to bulk buy!)have not actually seen one yet as they are only available in the netherlands, anybody out there seen one? is it really as good as the hype?

OK, we called the Netherlands today, and the Cabrio will have an Isofix version available in July sometime. Supposedly this will also have a stationary base that stays in the car. Unfortunately our baby is due in April, so we are stuck with the regular one (at least for a couple months).

So...we too are between the quinny and the bugaboo - right now the maxi cosi has to be strapped in to American cars, is that right? And does it meet US government standards (regardless of what anyone else actually thinks of those standards)? And if you needed repairs or anything you would have to ship it back overseas....is the hassle worth it? Would the Bugaboo be just as good? Please help!

We have used the Bugaboo for a year and ordered and returned the Zapp Quinney. It is all about lifestyle. I do not drive and stay in the city mostly, travel and do not have to take the pram up any flights of stairs. The bugaboo is good for these things. It has big fat back wheels that let you go over any curb or bump and has good suspension for cobblestones or bumps. You can put it in and out of cars, but it has to come apart in two pieces to do this. It turns on a dime - narrow sidewalks and streets are fine. It has storage underneath so you can have always raingear and change things with you. At 6 months we converted from the infant flat bed to the more upright seat for the baby. The seat and bed are both great as the baby can face you or face forward, which I dont think is a choice on any other pram system. Travel on planes is not easy. I did this alone - hand baby to flight person at door of gate and disassemble pram and put in "transport bag" (bought separately). You must do this in the shop first then practise at home and bring the picture with you to airport so you remember. However, all looked on in envy when I performed this task. Then though the pram would be checked into luggage and would not be retrieved until I got my luggage at other end. Benefit is that it was never damaged (4 flights overseas) as the travel bag is amazing and really protects the pram.

Quinney pram we returned because it is like a lighter version of the Bugaboo (in weight) but not for us. It would be good for a person with a small car who would be taking the baby in and out of the car with them and having to set up the pram quickly. As I don't drive, this is not a good option. Also, does not have great suspension. Bumpy ride. Also, does not recline, so if kid falls asleep the head goes bobbling. There is no storage underneath - if it suddenly rains or something, you'd better have the backpack on with everything in it. The small wheels make it harder to get on and off city buses (when the bus is a bit away from the curb the big fat wheels of the Bugaboo make a difference). I thought the Zapp might have the benefit of a push chair in that you could carry it up and down stairs, but it is built like one of those 3-wheeler sport things and does not have a compact seat part you can grab onto and carry up and down, so this is not an option.

Also, like people have mentioned before, you cannot have a baby in the car seat all the time as they really should be lying flat when in the pram. The head being deformed and all that are special cases - you do not leave your infant lying down or in a seat all day, right? They are awake and playing and learning part of the time. Well, all infants do get a flatter head in the back which corrects itself when they start moving around in the cot - they do also get a bald patch on the back. This does not happen if the baby sleeps on its stomach of course. But this is all normal. The friend who had their baby in a helmet is a special case and it is not from lying in a flat pram. I know these things from speaking to a leading Canadian pediatrician.

Given this lying flat thing, I would not use this pram before the child is at least 6 months because the only thing it could be in would be the car seat and that is not right for long walks or anything. But when the kid can fully support its head and sit properly and strongly upright, it could be in the Zapp safely. However, remember it does not recline so those days when the baby could have an afternoon nap when you're out might not happen.

After all that, the Bugaboo is good and safe and versitile but the drawback is that it is a bit heavy and bulky at times. The Zapp is really only good for being lightweight, taking on board planes, and if you are in and out of car with baby (over 6 months) often.

nice to see that the review generated so much discussion...i've been on hiatus figuring out how to help raise our newborn, not much time for stroller talk...but i'm back with a few hopefully helpful observations now that i've actually used the thing with a 2-month child in it (as opposed to racing around the apt a la andretti with an empty stroller).

- ease of navigation: incredibly flexible, nimble, agile, etc. can do 360 without a hitch. on the wheel size: i've taken the machine out on some cobblestone in our neighborhood in nyc and it performed well. wheels did not get stuck, they're actually wider than one perceives. on suspension: none, so the ride is more porsche than cadillac. the cabrio is well padded, which helps relieve the stiffness, but does not mitigate it all the way.
- ease of dismantling: pretty straightforward and quick, although per my initial post, this is not a "one kick and voila", it folds. the attraction of the zapp is that you can keep the child in the car seat, remove the car seat and place it wherever (bench, car, chair, you get the picture), fold the zapp into a little package and stow it away (under the table, chair, car trunk, etc). very excellent feature in a restaurant.
- accessories: can slide diaper bag and other stuff over handle bars, but must be careful balancing weight if you are tilting stroller to climb a curb.
- it looks cool

any Qs let me know

Was wondering.... does anyone know where I can get replacement front and rear wheels for the quinny zapp?? and roughly how much they are??

we're thinking of getting a quinny buzz and maxi-cosi cabrio to go with it. we've been told you can't use european carseats in the usa... is this true? are you all using maxi-cosi cabrios in the usa?

i'm planning on buying them when i'm in london this summer.

help! i'm very confused...

does anyone have any expeience of isofix car seats? And does anyone know which car isofix car seats are compatible with which push chairs?
Please help! Thanks

mothercare in the uk has maxi cosi iso fix seats, I saw one today

Great, thanks Sarah, I'll get on to Mothercare

BTW Sarah which mothercare were you in please?

We were in Mothercare in Manchester on Saturday, looking at the Quinny Buzz we were told that Mothercare were now out of stock in the UK until June.

Each store had 5 to sell, however the maxi-cosi seat only comes in Henri Colour (a kind of grey-black velour) and the Buzz comes in Flame Red. They do matching but not at Mothercare, was told the story of a very disgruntled very preganant woman who blew her top on finding this out from the assistant after travelling nearly 50 miles to buy the stores last one from stock!

We were told to either try toys-r-us or a specialist to get the matching system (incl dreamicot) or order well in advance (upto 4 months for the rest of the year).

Think we'll take a shopping trip over the Channel!!

Hi all. Could anyone tell me if the Quinny Zapp would be suitable for my 2 1/2 yr old son. I am looking for a lightweight, easy to fold, cool - looking and obviously comfortable pushchair. The Zapp looks ideal but am unsure if there is an age limit on them? Also please help me decide on the colour - Black or Steel blue? Thanks.

We have a Maxi-Cosi/Quinny system and is excellent (Freestyle 3XL Comfort pushchair, Dreami carrycot and Cabrio car seat). The pushchair is a bit large to use in a city but is very maneuverable and sturdy. We have to move to the US for a few years and I would like to know if we can use European car seats which are not homologated in the US (we now have a Maxi-Cosi Cabrio car seat and we would like to buy Britax/Romer Duo Plus or King TS Plus when our baby grows a little bit more).

Having lived in the U.S. & worked in the auto industry I belive the only problem is for a retailer to sell one. I do recomend getting a base for that cabrio or at least making sure that whatever u buy has latch atatchment anchors.
Good luck & enjoy your time over the pond!

Simply put: can you (or not) use a maxi-cosi cabrioin in the U.S.? Does it meet U.S. car seat safety standards? Yes or no?

I have just bought the Quinny Zapp in Orange I love it. I bought it really because we travel quite a bit as a family and thought it was great for aeroplanes and it fits into the overhead cabin. However I love my little boy to take a nap in the afternoon and in his current buggy (Mclaren XT) he can sleep for two hours. Does anyone find that their child can still snooze in the Zapp?

No the the maxi-cosi Cabrio will not receive U.S. car safety standards until they choose to import it and pay to have it tested by the respective authaurities! Yes anyone wishing to privetly import one may do so and enjoy a level of safety only dreamed of by the american manufaturers!

Ok. In my frenzy to find a Quinny Buzz and Zapp for my 3 month old son, I came across an unlikely retailer with Quinny strollers. Walmart! (I despise Walmart. When I was in Shenzhen I counted no less that 5 of them. Made me ill.)

Unfortunately, they don't have the two models that we're all nuts over, but please correct me if I'm wrong; Are these bonafide Quinny products? If they are, this would suggest that Quinny has already subjected at least 2 stroller models for U.S. testing, no? I hope they get the Buzz and Zapp over on our shores so we don't continue getting slaughtered with shipping, customs, and fluctuating exchange rates. If the company is smart, they will. If they don't, then I don't know what to say. Bugaboo is begging to be dethroned.

Yes they are gennuine Quinny products and evrywhere else in the world they're still selling for nearly full retail or about the prices you've seen looking for the Buzz.
From what I've been able to gather some time ago Quinny had an importer that wished to sell their products through high end retail baby boutiqe's yet lack of name recognition and heavy weight caused them to be a sales flop. Not to mention absolutly no advertising. So about six months ago, either in an attemt to recoup losses or after a bank selloff of assets, the Freestyle 3/4 wheelers started hitting the internet at Half price or $299.99 with still more to get rid of they're now $120-$180 shipped. My suggestion if you can handle the weight and want one of the best buys around pick one up!

Ah, I remember these now. They DID distribute them in North America, then discontinued last year. Joggingstroller.com had them on clearance.

I became interested in the Quinny after seeing the listings on Walmart.com. I can see some how there is some difficulty selling them in the states. I went to a couple of different high-end baby stores in my area and no one had even heard of the name brand. The Quinny website doesn't even list a distributor in the US at all, and the Quinny Freestyle 4 shown on Walmart doesn't appear to be on the UK section of Quinny's website. Very confusing. If I can find a Cabrio (that would be the equivalent of an infant carseat?) will it create a travel system with the Freestyle shown on Walmart.com? [judging by this report from Junior Magazine in the UK, it will. -dt.]

Yes Lisa,
You should have no problem using it with a cabrio as long as you are willing to pay the price to get your hands on one once shipped it will easely equal the expense of Walmarts exellent deal on the stroller!

"Was wondering.... does anyone know where I can get replacement front and rear wheels for the quinny zapp?? and roughly how much they are??
Posted by Karen at March 31, 2005 10:22 AM"
Ut Oh don't tell us you've already worn them out please let us know the details as many of us have/are considering purchases of the Zapp and/or the Buzz which uses the same compound for it's front wheal!

I may be wrong but most of the discounted Quinny 3xl pushchairs are the older version there is now the Comfort 3xl which has a 360 wheel rather than the tilt front wheel. They are not yet available from shops in the UK but can get them on the internet from Netherlands, Germany etc.

I am un-decided between the Quinny Zapp and Qinny Buzz. The Buzz is clearly a more superior system which includes the carry cot, buggy seat and car seat, with reclining positions and forwards/backwards facing positions..and this is reflected in the price - however I have a tiny car and could do with saving some cash...so, my questions are:
Can I use the car seat with the Zapp frame until baby is old enough to support himself and use the Zapp buggy seat (not seating in it for hours!)? This will save us money on not having to get a carry cot but I'm concerned about baby not having the option of the 3 different seat positions that the Buzz offers. Does a baby need this really? Thaks for any advice - this is my first child and I've no clue!

Congradulations Alex,
Either choice should be a good one. Yet keep in mind that the Zapp is definetly not a full size stroller(otherwise they wouldn't keep advertizing it being the smallest stoller when folded) & could only act as a single stroller for a couple that has more need for portibillty than features. Very short trips(in the stroller) with nearly no space to to store/transport inbetween should be the reasons to buy one!
P.S. If you want somthing more substantial whay not buy a Freestyle3/4{as mentioned above} & used the leftover cash to Buy the Zapp-Cabrio combo.Besides you could always hook the Cabrio to the Freestyles' base!


I have the Quinny Zapp for about two months now, but I find it very noisy (wheel noise on street) compared to other pushchairs (I've had a few - 3 kids). Does anyone else have this problem or did I get a dud?
Also a word of advice to all those thinking of using the zapp with the carseat; it is not easy to put on or especially to take off the frame. I am finding it really hard with the baby in it as he now heavier. I usually have to take him out first, which is not ideal!

Hi, I have just purchased a Quinny Freestyle 4 travel system in Canada. Sears.ca and Bonnie Togs both carry the 4 wheel, and 3 wheel Quinney's. It was super easy to put together, and comes apart, or folds down in a snap. The Canadian travel system, comes with car seat and base. Colour choices are slim though. For those of you in the US, I did some investigating before I bought the system and found out that in Canada and probably the US, the Quinney is distributed by Dorel, the same company that makes Cosco, Safety 1st and Eddie Bauer. So, I would think that if you didn't care if your seat and stroller matched, you could by the quinny from walmart online and then add any car seat that was made by the above 3 manufacturers.

I have a Quinny Zapp and it's far and away the best stroller purchase I've made to date. It's easy to fold, extremely compact, has lovely features (really great sun canopy and effective on / off braking system), it's comfortable to push (with wheels that will accommodate pretty bumpy sidewalks), and it's comfortable for my 10-month old (who has no problem falling asleep in it). It's a sturdy "umbrella-type" stroller that is intended for quick trips around town, frequent 'in and out' of the car stops, or nice long walks through the neighborhood. One tip for future Zapp owners: lighten up your Skip-Hop diaper bag and attach it under the handles (there's an opening under each handle where the seat meets each side of the handle bar). The Quinny feels a tad tippy if you're really loaded up but that's a small negative to my long list of positives.

Well finally took the plunge & just ordered our Quinny Zapp in Deep Red $203.75 after shipping and all. So yes it was pricey yet I'm hoping well worth while. We'll see as I have to wait roughly a month till it arives!

I'm a Dad looking after two kids - a non stop five year old and a 8 month old boy - He had the Urban Detour 3 wheeler since birth but it's a bit heavy and large to keep putting in & out of the car. Got the Zapp about a month ago - what can I say - It's excellent - Light and compact - Yes it can be a little noisy and you can't carry on it much as it will tip if not too careful but as a quick and easy method of getting from A to B it's the best - plus at the moment you still get the envious looks from all the mothers and fathers who can't get hold of one! If you are looking for a lightweight compact model then look no further.


I have a baby due on October 31st. I've just purchased the Quinny Buzz from Sears in Canada. I am planning to buy the car seat from abroad, since they aren't yet available here. I see people use the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio here, so I am not worried about it from a safety standpoint.

However, I don't know what an Isofix adapter bar is. Has anyone bought the Buzz in North America and purchased the car seat from babycare in the Netherlands or mothercare in the U.K. ? Just want to be sure there is no further equipment I need from them...





Don't recall there being baby police in the States?!

I know there is no "baby police" in the states,
but where I am from, we do enforce the "click it or ticket policy" and we do have road side checks periodically!

hey sam, can you let me know where you purchased your zapp for $203.75 including shipping? i am having problems finding someone to ship one for a reasonable price to california. thanks

just a q for those of u who bought buzz or know it quite well:
do u think dreami carrycot is necessary?
we were planning on using maxi cosi cabrio instead (like quinny is suggesting), however, everyone keeps convincing me it is not suitable...

i guess i should add we r due 1.1.2006, which means first walks (about 3 months) wont be long (due to cold winter). there r only 3 months left, and since our lifestyle wont alow us carrying our baby for hours and hours... i think dreami is just another expence and sth that will take up space - as much in a car, as in our flat.

i am aware of the 2 hours limit for having baby in cabrio and it's fine with me, since i don't think we'll be able to exceed this time, and i was almost completely sure using cabrio was the best thing... now i'm back with some doubts..

so if u have any suggestion or experience... i'd appreciate it!

We live in the US and just purchased the Buzz from Sears Canada this weekend - where we were also informed that Dorel will be introducing the Maxi Cosi car seat to Sears as well. Estimated arrival - end of October. This car seat would obviously conform to all North American standards, although I would seriously consider purchasing from Europe if that weren't the case. We're planning to just borrow a friend's car seat in the event that the car seat doesn't get here before our baby does......

[get that spare carseat lined up; Dorel has a reputation of pushing back their announced launch dates for products *cough* ISOFIX Cabrio *cough cough* -ed.]

Hey ed{greg} I'm sure if Dorel is introducing the Cabrio it must be the upcoming Isofix model as no other would meet current reg.'s! So I think they must have ment Octember 1st !!!:)

hi. I am just about to buy a QUINNY BUZZ (I am due soon) but i have SOME DOUBTS. Could anybody advise me?

I was wandering if quinny buzz pushchair is really comfortable for the baby, cos' it doesn't have a reclining backrest and as far as I understand from the pictures you can recline the pushchair for the baby to sleep, but then his legs will be up (not like in traditional pushchairs, where you recline the backrest but the sitting area stays unchanged)? How can the baby sleep in it in a lie-flat position, if his legs will be up and only his back will be lying flat?

Thank you for your help.

[you're right; this kind of reclining is different from the makes-a-bed kind. If a stroller says it's good from 3-6 months, that means it can't lay a baby flat. For 0-3 or 0-6, you'd need something else, like a carrycot/bassinet or, for shorter periods, an infant carrier. -ed.]

Yes, I agree. We used the Cabrio car sear up to 5 months. The seat on the Buzz is rather large and our Z would slide around in it. He loved it, but we thought better of it.

Checking out this website, as the 'mummys' ones do not cover my question
Will the Quinny Zapp fit into the front bonnet space of a 911 ???
P.S other pushchair (which doesnt fit there) is a bugaboo frog -It's pretty great, So, i can recommend that. Also the travel bag / rucksackwhich fits onto the handles is nice and manly for you guys, it's a godsend for nappies and general baby paraphernalia.

[I'm elevating this crucial question to its own post, Paula, thanks. -ed.]

I am from Australia and have just ordered the quinny zapp.
I am heaps excited about getting it :)
Does any one know if they will be making a latch maxi-cosi cabrio, or only isofix?
As in australia we dont have isofix, we use ancors (which are pretty much the same as latch).

[here's a post and discussion about the Maxi-Cosi ISOFIX models. -ed.]

Any chance the car seat adapters for the Bugaboo Cameleon will fit the Quinny Zapp allowing for use of an readily obtainable american car seat with the Buzz?

[I highly doubt it. The car seat ends are designed to one company's standard, while the stroller end is to the other's. Like with laptop batteries, a universal standard would be great, but it ain't gonna happen any time soon. -ed.]


Yep, the Zapp fits in the front luggage space on both the Boxster and 911 - works like a charm!!


we've got a Quinny Buzz for our little boy, which is a great pushchair... but we're going away for about 10 days in December, when he'll be exactly 4 months old... we'd rather get a much lighter pushchair to take on the plane; can somebody please tell us whether he'll be a little too young for the Zapp?? Is there any adjustment to recline?

As the Zapp has no reclining function it's not suitable for use without the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio untill your son is sitting unasisted. On a side not we have this combo & love it so much The Zapp even fit in the overhead compartment on a 767 boy were all the other passengers waiting for gate checked strollers confused as we sped past them up the off ramp out of the plane:-)

[yeah, if you're doing the car-seat-on-the-plane thing, the zapp would be perfect. -ed.]


Expecting our firstborn in 9-10 weeks, and was wondering if anyone with a Zapp noticed if it's possible to use infant carriers other than the Cabrio? It's expensive and near-impossible to find.

We live in Brooklyn and don't use a car, but we will be lugging a stroller up/down 4 flights of stairs on a frequent basis. I really want to avoid getting anything more than 13-14 pounds, but maybe it's worth getting something that has some storage. Whatever we get will be our primary 'vehicle' after all. Any recommendations if not the Zapp? I'm trying to avoid spending more than US$330 for the whole 0-4 years experience. Thanks!

I just found your site and thank goodness! I am right now considering purchasing a Zapp for my 2 year old little girl. I am a little concerned about whether or not this is the "right" decision. I right now use a Mac Quest that folds pretty slim, but I love the look of the Zapp and that it folds smaller than the Mac all together. I had read that someone on here had purchased a Zapp for a little over $200 complete with shipping...could you please let us know where this was? I am not really concerned with storage since I will be using a bag that someone on another board I am on makes some to attach to the bottom sides of the Zapp (they are awesome!), but am concerned whether or not this will be completely uncomfortable for her. She does still nap in her stroller and can do so pretty comfortably in the Quest since it reclines...have any of you that have had your Zapp for some time now give another review on the comfort level for your children now? I appreciate any and all info on this once more. Please list likes and dislikes and overall experience with your Zapp if you would please. Thank you!!


[thanks for stopping by. search for some more recent Zapp-related posts, too, which include a couple of US retailers. Also, you should find quite a few other firsthand experiences, and a side-by-side comparison with the Mac on flickr. -ed.]

Hello, I have bought Quinny Zapp last year when it came first to the shops. I took it abroad to my parents. I was so pleased with it, as it can walk on stairs( sure you need to push it)
Raincover is also works well to protect baby not just from rain but from trafic dust.
It is really small but not as light as it looks.
For head sypport I have bought from mothercare a neck support sosage-dogs and was puting it in the front of baby neck. Worked great. The worse bit about quinny that my baby when she turned 2 would not be able to accomodate propelrly legs in the foot department.
I have also bought 2006 model QUinny 3XL freestyle comfort( swivel wheel). It is better then BUZZ(. AS all wheels are detacheble, and seat unit is reverseble. But It is bulky. I do also will keep both quinnys as I will be able cabrio on both of them. Then again Both models are for diferent uses. Freestyle allows me to have my 2.3 y o lie flat and drive in a long run over the park.
I am happy with these pushchairs.

All the best

Live in the US and I'm thinking of buying the maxi cosi cabrio - I know there were some posts in 2005 regarding the safety in the US. Can anyone tell me if there are any updates, now that there is a stay-in base - is it okay to use this seat? Also - can I buy it from Canada or do I need to look in the UK. Thanks!!!

Bah humbug - just discovered that the Maxi Cosi Hemri does not have the metal bars to connect to the Maxi Cosi ISOFIX base. Course, you don't find this out till after you have driven 70 miles to collect the web ordered items!

Still the Quinny Zapp looks funky, but a little flimsy. We shall see, meantime, anyone know where to get to rods of metal to fashion my own connectors from?


I have a 2 year old and have used the Quinny Zapp since he was born, first with the Maxi Cosi car seat attatchment. We LOVE it. I am pregnant with our 2nd child now, and I am wondering if anyone has used a "step on attatchment" with it for a toddler, like the Buggy Board. I am hoping to use it with something like that for my toddler and the car seat for the newborn. I need to know which one fits the Zapp.

Question for those with Quinny Buzz experience:
Do you think the dreami carrycot is necessary?
Or is it enough to just use the Buzz with the maxi cosi cabrio instead?
We will not be doing long walks of more than an hour or so with the baby in the first few months. Can we just use the maxicosi cabrio for these short walks? Baby is due in summer.
Just wondering if we will get enough use out of the carrycot.
Any advice much appreciated!

Hi, The Lascal 3G buggy board fits the Quinny Zapp. Hope this helps.

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