January 12, 2005

The Tummy Tub, Dutch for 'Baby Bucket'

tummy_tub.jpgWhile most Dutch are revolutionizing stroller design, others are busy improving that grand European tradition of finding new ways to be naked in large groups. And in order to be totally comfortable flashing the French on a Riviera vacation, it's important to start young. That's the lesson I learned from DomoVital's instructional video for The Tummy Tub.

The Tummy Tub is basically a bucket for bathing your kid while he relaxes in a fetal position. It's soothing, less stressful, the water stays warmer longer, and it's apparently fun to do with all the neighbors. DT reader Florian just got back from visiting Germany, where the Tummy Tub is all the rage.

Issues: While the video's bureaucratically reassuring narrator is male--as are many of the Tubbers--giving a kid a bath is still shown to be mom's job. Also, I'd like to see how easily that thing tips over. My rambunctious bet is, when that Tub's a-rockin', you'll soon be moppin'.

The TummyTub∆
[DomoVital GmbH]

Buy the Tummy Tub at about a million places online, like Canadian Child Birth Teaching Aids, but you'll almost always be spending $US30 to ship a $US29 bucket.


Wait - why is it you couldn't just use a regular bucket? Hmmm ...

Actually, they answer that in great detail--or at least at great length-- on this Canadian Baby Massage site

Actually, we use one for our kid and she, well, kinda loves it. The thing's designed to not tip, and in practice, the bucket does hold its ground. It is freaky looking though, and when the kid splashes around, you better be ready to mop... Nonetheless, I recommend it...if you're in Canada or Europe...

We have a Tummy Tub and it is wonderful. Water stays warm, it is very ergonomic to carry and baby is very relaxed in it. My partner had the same cheapo thought like "Can't we just use a 5 gallon pail/" but the TT is very smooth, rounded, and graduated. It has a grippy ring on the bottom and doesn't tip. I love it!!!!

Okay - color me convinced. And the pictures of the babies in the buckets are too funny. It looks like some kind of baby apothecary.

I've got one, and while I don't use it every time I bathe the baby, we both like it. He TOTALLY zens out in that thing. And you'd have to give it a pretty hefty kick if you wanted it to tip over, by the way - it's really well designed!

Forgot to mention - they sell on Ebay for about 5 euros, so that might make the postage costs worthwhile if you want one and you don't live in Europe. :-)

OK- it might just be me, but is anybody else looking at this picture and thinking about the scene in "Aliens" where the Mama Alien is surrounded by a field of her eggs, which are loaded with little Alien larva just waiting for an unsuspecting host to happen by?
Just checking.

We have a tummy tub. It wasn't any good when Bella was very young, because she was altogether too floppy, and now at nearly 5 months we've given up on it because she likes to stretch her legs up and put her feet on the rim, so she is bent in two... it doesn't work so good then! But while it lasted, it was good and light to move around.

Looking at all you guys spending a fortune on all products like the Tummy Tub is amazing. We ship to the US per DHL even in small packages on all our products. Have a look at www.itsakinderworld.com for more info.

How can I order one in the US?

All these babies look like they are in apple sauce containars...they look so good i can eat them. You are looking good babies

for some reason, this picture makes me break out in uncontrollable giggle fits...i especially like the two slumpy little ones front center and front right corner.

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